The tide is turning against big tech but it will be a long way off

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Dismantling or reassembling the tech giants’ hold on the way we currently live will be a massive undertaking.

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The genius of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement of the alleged new Facebook Meta is that it managed to be both disappointing and ominous at the same time. Backed by a series of lame effects, Zuck has announced a virtual world like Second Life, written by an organization that is deceptive and unsatisfying but has the power to apply it everywhere.

Meta’s uninspiring vision, like all such technologies, draws on utopian impulses lurking in culture, art, and the structure of human imagination and projection: we can design worlds that are radically different from everyday life – and yet be recognizable and meaningful – and controllable and commodified.

The frustration commonly expressed in this concept stems from what might be termed the accumulated inadequacy of dreams.

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