The Touch of Fumbles: Our Grand Finale

Ours The Touch of Fumbles The reporter returns to the field for the AFL season supplement as the Crows emerge with an unusual victory from a 2021 competition, albeit at the trading table.

Well, it’s mid-October and your humble Fumbles reporter is already well placed in the infamous end-of-season Gold Coast mind camp, but these are the rarest monsters – Adelaide finds a seemingly decent player willing to play for them and then manages to recruit them without actually trading noses. – enough to warrant a short comeback to contemplate this perennial puzzle:

Yes, your humble reporter bent over the pre-finals and took the time to enjoy that two-week recession before the AFL decision maker that both Port and Geelong would have enjoyed losing in one glorious 24 hours.

‘It was the best of times; It’s much easier to be a Crows fan these days when your team isn’t really playing.

Moreover, he had finally reached the pinnacle of his football calendar; After six months, 23 rounds and eight finals, we were finally on the cusp of the biggest, most heartbreaking moment of the AFL season.

Yes, trade period.

Our grand finale.

This was a more compelling prospect than the Real Grand Finale, as it didn’t include Jake Lever winning a premiere.

Not to mention that unlike the last Real Grand Final we attended, we could walk away with a win.

Of course, most of us had never heard of a Jordan Dawson before the last few months, or at least not knowingly seen him play, or assumed he was a marginal and long-retired former Geelong and Giants ruckman.

And of course, a man with two surnames who debuted in one season after six years on an AFL roster could reasonably be suspected (although in this case he’s clearly now the All-Time Player™).

‘Wantaway’ Swan Jordan Dawson – ‘GOAT’. Photo: James Ross / AAP

But while it’s tedious and very long and mostly fruitless, there’s still something oddly compelling about the trading period, despite the huge gap between how professional AFL experts think it happened and how the rest of us think it played out for nearly two monotonous weeks. .

Still, there’s no better way than fruitlessly typing the words ‘jordan dawson’ into your Twitter search function several times a day to see if there’s any movement, no matter how small, on the station.

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This is somewhat ominously thrown back to those quiet days by typing phrases like ‘jared polec’ and ‘steven motlop’ similar to the Twitter search function, with the ultimate desperate hope that they might still feel compelled after growing up as Port Adelaide supporters. Signing up for Crows and thus confirming their status as the All-Time Top Players™ alike.

Of course they didn’t, but instead affirmed that they were Massive Spuds™ – though a few suppressed Showdown memories.

But herein lies the compelling magic of the AFL’s hellish meat market.

The point is, at least for now, it’s not about what Jordan Dawson can do, whether there’s more development ahead of him, and whether we’ve won (we won) the admittedly lackluster trading era.

No – for now, it’s a symbol of something changing. Never so little.

Because overall, our reaction as Crows fans has always been the same when a young South Australian player told two SA-based AFL clubs they wanted to go home:

And so, the idea that the supposed Wantaway™ Swan was planning to move to SA would actually pick the stick that was located near the bottom of the ladder instead of the first four (albeit absolutely impossible) Power… , which took a minute or two to render.

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Sure, it helped that Dawson was a lifetime Crows supporter who grew up idolizing Mark Ricciuto (possibly as an actor rather than a board member), although there were other factors that helped change his decision.

But after winning the player there was little question of making a trade deal with his current club.

After a number of seemingly acceptable bids were summarily rejected, AFL experts have consistently inconsistently concluded that Dawson’s value has evolved from a high second-round draft to a low first-round draft to a high first-round draft. with a low second-round comeback in the first round and second-round selection, as long as we include half of our starting lineup and the entire board of firstborns.

Of course, though, Sydney’s opening move demanding that we hand over pick 4 for a player they drafted at age 56 in 2015 was met with appropriate seriousness.

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Yet throughout all of this, the constant threat of Dawson’s Execution into the Pre-Season Draft™ loomed.

It seems that to get into the pre-season draft, one has to walk there first; There is no other way to reach him.

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Anyway, when it became clear that the Crows had simultaneously turned all of their picks into a ‘Hail Mary’ trade offer for North Melbourne’s No. Swans), the Adelaide fan base was quite united on the proposed response to Sydney’s requests:

Al Pacino Money GIF

Mind you, it would probably be easier and less complicated not to beat Hawthorn if we wanted to improve our draft hand significantly, but it didn’t occur to anyone at the time, so never mind.

Still, as the days passed, the fear began to creep in that our Jordan Dawson raid was doomed to end up like our Neil Balme raid.

Of course we don’t have to worry.

Apparently the Swans were just as good at bargaining as an Australian tourist tried to stay on their own with a Thai tuk tuk driver.

And so the Crows completed those rare quartets (is that even a word? Who knows) – they found a seemingly good player, persuaded them to play for the Crows, actually managed to recruit them and didn’t completely give up. period.

And we must appreciate what a rare achievement this is; In Adelaide circles, these hapless pandas are akin to Wang Wang and Fu Ni producing a brood, or a major road infrastructure announcement coming to fruition on time, on budget, and in multiple ways.

Still, Port had a hard working few weeks worthy of their Number One Team status in South Australia and also in the World™.

Sure, they didn’t win the Grand Final (largely because they didn’t play), but at least the AFL paid tribute to them that day by adding an INXS song to their pre-game entertainment.

And to be fair, the lyrics of the Eskimo Joe cover — “sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked” – were probably more relevant to the 2021 season than the usual one about not being smashed, of course they were more recent. A few days ago.

They also celebrated their first Brownlow medal, with Charlie’s medal being won by middle Ollie Wines, who, ironically, didn’t like his namesake drink.

To be fair, he’s had a great season and looks like he’d be a totally nice guy if he played for someone else.

Port then closed the trading period in a daring move to secure 25-year-old giant Jeremy Finlayson, who “give us great flexibility as a power forward, second mover option” before trading his 23-year-old players. big forward second striker Peter Ladhams.

As for the crows, our roster revision is in full swing as Tyson Stengle, our once junior forward chance, now looks ready to join Brownlow winner Paddy Dangerfield at Geelong. That means Cats has recruited two ex-Crows with proven ability to bring Charlie home.

Geelong, who ambushed 31-year-old Jonathon Ceglar during the trading era in a joint bid to lower the average age of their listings, are gearing up for a big 2022.

Post-season symbolism continued with SafeWork SA closing the book on the (extraordinary) Gold Coast pre-season camp, saying it didn’t violate any workplace laws – a symbolic end to our turbulent post-Grand Finale, we hope.

Fortunately, Safework SA didn’t look at the 1992 pre-season camp while they were there.

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Now we return to the draft, armed with something as rare as a panda mating around these pieces: a selection from the (nominal) top five.

It may not be much, but we’re starting to hoard the currency that has been short of supply lately:

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