The UK That Boris Johnson Jokes Is Turning To ‘The Saudi Arabia Of Criminal Policy’

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Home Secretary Priti Patel in July

Boris Johnson in hot water after the joke Priti Patel Last week, the Conservative party was turning the UK into a “Saudi Arabia of penal policy” during its fundraising event.

The prime minister chose to keep Patel as interior minister during his tenure. cabinet change, but many disagree with his harsh approach to both criminals and immigrants.

Business Insider obtained footage Friday of Johnson telling donors: “Last year I said we were the Saudi Arabia of the wind. Probably Saudi Arabia’s criminal policy under our wonderful interior minister.”

According to the outlet’s reporter, Henry Dyer, No. 10 “denied that he had done it before [a] A variation of the words in January when approached by a journalist from Politico.

In the short clip, Johnson is seen welcoming the crowd and saying: “In the immortal words of Priti Patel or Michael Howard or any other strict home secretary addressed to the inmates of one of our larger prisons: You are here.”

The footage did not go well among opposition lawmakers, as the Middle Eastern nation is notorious for its strict penal system and even beheaded some accused of breaking the law.

Homosexuality is also illegal there and punishable by the death penalty, chemical castration or whipping.

Patel is best known for promoting the reintroduction of the death penalty in 2011, alongside recent attempts to increase prison sentences for asylum seekers arriving in the UK. However, when he joined the cabinet, he stopped supporting the death penalty.

The answer was not positive

Johnson’s words in front of 300 people at a £500-per-person lunch in Mayfair stunned the online community.

Alistair Carmichael, of the Liberal Democrats, tweeted: “It’s hard to be shocked by Boris Johnson’s callous words ‘let the bodies pile up’ these days, but this latest revelation marks a new low even for him.

“He may admire his friends in the Saudi dictatorship, but with that kind of humor, the joke is on all of us.”

Angela Rayner, deputy Labor Party, also tweeted: “Saudi Arabia is beheading its own citizens, torturing activists exercising their democratic rights and killing homosexuals. This is disgusting. As always with Boris Johnson behind closed doors, the masks slip and we see what he really thinks.”

Downing Street said it continues to take a clear stance on any human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

The prime minister’s spokesman refused to “go into the details of such meetings”.

“You see, our position is very clear and our track record is very clear,” they added.

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