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The UN Security Council welcomes the Somali agreement on rapid and peaceful elections – global issues


In a press statement issued Friday night, 15 council members praised the country’s leaders for the first time on “the stability, security and development of Somalia and the interests of the Somali people.”

the agreement,The summit, chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed Hussain Ruble after months of escalating tensions between political factions in Somalia, was the result of an election.

members Security Council Welcomed the commitment to “hold peaceful, transparent, inclusive and credible elections that meet at least 30% of the agreed-upon quota for women in parliament.”

The Peace and Security Agency also encouraged Somali leaders to maintain this positive momentum so that the elections could take place as agreed. They also called on all parties to continue their open and constructive engagement so that any problems in the implementation phase can be resolved quickly, and welcomed the agreement to establish a peaceful dispute resolution mechanism.

Return from the edge

According to the September 17 electoral model agreed in 2020 between the federal government and the leaders of the federal member states, the approved tribal elders will elect the parliament and then the president. Parliamentary elections were scheduled for December, but were delayed.

Talks between the Somali federal government and the leaders of the federal member states, which began in March, unfortunately failed in early April.

The Somali People’s Assembly then repealed the landmark agreement by passing a “special law” and extending the powers of the current office holders for another two years.

Opposition to the measures led to the mobilization of militants and the revelation of differences within the Somali security forces. Intense conflicts It was followed on April 25, and the risk of conflict was wider.

“Since then, Somalia has returned from the brink of this worst-case scenario.” Said earlier this week James Swan, UN Special Representative for Somalia, recalled that it is the home of the people Reverse Its special law on May 1, under intense pressure, will eventually reduce tensions.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also welcomed the latest agreement reached between Somali leaders and called on all stakeholders to urgently implement the new agreement as “an important step towards a negotiated and transparent electoral process without further delay”.

Support for the UN Mission

Council members appreciate support for UN mission in Somalia (UNSOM) And the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

As the country prepares for the elections, they implement the roadmap outlined in the appendix to the May 27 statement, expressing their full support for both missions and “working to bring about a Somali-led transition to security.” . UN Security Council Resolution 2568.

Finally, members of the Security Council reaffirmed their respect for the sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity and unity of Somalia.


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