May 9, 2021


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The United States has begun exporting Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine to Mexico

The United States will begin exporting pneumonia vaccine to Mexico as Trump administration rules expire. As reported by Reuters.

Last year, Pfizer’s deal with the Trump White House barred the company from exporting the vaccine since its inception in the United States, but it ended on March 31, a US official told Reuters.

Pipeszer will start exporting ammunition because it will have more capacity in US facilities, the source added. The company has already shipped more than 10 million doses of the vaccine to Mexico, making it the country’s largest supplier, Reuters reported.

The Mexican Ministry of Health announced this week that $ 2 million had been received from the company and $ 1 million from Belgium.

This comes as the government has been pressuring in recent weeks to provide vaccines to other countries fighting COVID-19.

The United States has so far delivered more than 240 million doses of the vaccine.

The hill reached the Department of Health and Human Services and Pifeser for comment.