The United States is cutting stocks of nuclear warheads despite major build-ups in China and Russia

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The number of US nuclear warheads has decreased over the past seven years and currently includes 3,750 nuclear warheads, both weapons used on missiles and bombers and many others stored, according to the Department of Energy and State Department’s fact sheet published this week.

The number of warheads in the strategic arsenal has decreased from 4717 in September 2014.

The latest fact sheets praised the declassification of the stockpile as a necessary transparency measure aimed at promoting the proliferation of weapons. The Trump administration refused to disclose the number of warheads to protect efforts to deter nuclear weapons.

According to the latest revelations, as of September 2020, the number of American warheads was 3750, a decrease from about 31,255 in 1968 and 22,217 after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. A total of 711 nuclear warheads have been dismantled since September 2017, the last time warheads were published.

The number of non-strategic nuclear weapons was not revealed. These include a layer of aircraft combined nuclear bombs.

The main battlefield contains active and inactive warheads. Active warheads are both strategic and non-strategic weapons that are kept in an operational, ready-to-use status.

Inactive warheads are kept on standby and do not have bottles of tritium gas used to increase their explosive power as well as active warheads.

The current strategic warhead stockpile under the new START Weapons Treaty is 1,389 warheads deployed on long-range missiles, submarine-fired missiles and warheads counted for delivery on strategic bombers.

The information about the decline in US warheads comes when China builds an estimated 350 new long-range missile silos at three locations in western China, as The Washington Times reported earlier this year. US officials estimate that the new silos will accommodate the 10-head DF-41 missile and propose a production capacity of up to 3,500 new warheads.

China’s current strategic warhead stockpile has been estimated at about 250 warheads.

Russia is also building up its nuclear forces with exotic strategic weapons, including nuclear-powered cruise missiles and a high-speed underwater drone armed with a multi-megaton warhead.

Adm. Charles Richard, commander of the Omaha-based strategic command, warned in a speech in August that both China and Russia were aggressively modernizing their nuclear arsenals and was particularly concerned about nuclear progress in Beijing.

“We are witnessing a strategic breakthrough in China,” said the CEO. Richard at a Missile Defense Conference in Alabama. “The explosive growth of their nuclear weapons and conventional forces can only be what I described as breathtaking.”

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