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The United States is freezing funding for Ethiopia as most of Tigray’s abuses appear


Washington: The United States has called on multilateral development banks to suspend funding to Ethiopia as new reports of human rights abuses emerge from the war-torn Tigray region.

Endless conflict in TigrayThe area adjacent to Eritrea has led to a famine-like situation, Robert Goodak, Under Secretary of State for Office of African Affairs at the State Department, told the US Senate. On May 24, the United States imposed “extensive” economic sanctions on Africa’s second most populous country.

“There are confirmed reports of Tigrayans dying from malnutrition and starvation,” Goodak said. As a result, the United States “supports new loans from multilateral development banks that do not meet basic human needs and urges our allies to do the same.”

Protesters chant “Stop genocide in Tigray!” Earlier this month during a demonstration against the Ethiopian war against forces in the Tigray region near the Chinese embassy in Berlin, Germany. Credits:Getty Images

The latest move will prevent the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund from funding a country led by it Nobel laureate Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, Which deceived foreign investors with its commitment to opening up Africa’s great economy. Ethiopia received $ 1 billion ($ 1.3 billion) in US aid last year.

Hundreds of cases of gender-based violence including Rape in the Tigray area has been documented In a report prepared by the regional government.

At least 1,246 women have been registered as victims of serious gender-based violence, according to a report by Bloomberg and confirmed by Ethiopian government and UN officials.


The information on sexual violence cases is the most detailed information that has not yet been published from the region and includes information collected from 11 health centers in cities such as Makkah, Axum, Adgrat, Shir and Wokru.

Eleni’s prime minister’s spokesman Belen Seum and officials from the Tigray interim government declined to comment on the document. Abby won the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago for ending a long-running conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

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