May 9, 2021


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The vaccine passport leads to hatred and division, a COVID expert warns

Sage Adviser has warned of any need for vaccine passports for things like going to a bar that leads to ‘hatred and division’. PA (PA)

The Scientific Group for Emergency (Sage) adviser has warned corona virus Vaccine passports “will bring hatred and division”.

Stephen Reicher says that while security passports appear to be valid for international travel, they can be “disruptive” if required at home, for example to participate in a football game or to go to a bar or restaurant.

Although vaccines are no longer required in the UK, the government must determine whether it will be a rule of thumb for all authorities after all first jab drugs are given. The deadline for government action is the end of July.

Prof Reicher told counselors and colleagues to a a meeting of the General Assembly on the Coronavirus Tuesday: “Right now, I’m thinking of the main strategies we need [are] making sure everyone gets vaccinated and making public places safer.

Note: The government is reviewing the use of immunization passports in UK events (from Thursday)

“Vaccine passports breed hatred, conflict [and] divisions at a time when we need to be heard, oneness with everyone to be singing from the same song.

“In some ways it is useless, in other ways it is confusing. It is not helping us to make progress right now. ”

Professor Reicher, a psychologist who is a member of the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviets, who advises Sage, said young people and black people are unlikely to deny this.

“The danger is that we are differentiating ourselves into groups where the vaccine is less developed, while we need to do more to adapt.”

Prof John Drury, a psychologist at the University of Sussex, warned against vaccination passports that “literally remove people and perhaps some groups will be excluded than other groups”.

“There’s a lot of evidence that people are helping them with other things, on business trips around the world. The real situation I’m not sure about, but not for others like going to bars, shopping, and not working.”

However, a YouGov survey which took place last month also said that all people are supporting the forthcoming assurance that the site will remove the restrictions.

Some of the 61% of respondents supported “COVID documents” – which may include information about the vaccine and whether anyone had tested for the virus or had previous immunizations – while 29% protested.

They were very happy that COVID certificates could be used in music parties and playgrounds (62% of) which were not really fun to be used in non-essential stores (36% a).

The NHS program may be unprepared

It comes like Downing Street acknowledged that the NHS program would not be ready for use as a vaccine passport for international travel, and that “alternative” may be required.

Traffic secretary Grant Shapps has previously stated that the program, which is used to save medical time and prescribe medication, will provide evidence that someone has been vaccinated or has been tested recently.

But Boris Johnson’s chief spokesman said officials were working on another project as the international tour resumed, expected on May 17.

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“[Shapps] explain how we want it, “the Prophet said Tuesday.

“Obviously we can confirm before the first 17 days the methods used in the first countries available on the trip, whether by program or otherwise.”

The spokesman added: “There are other ways to achieve the same goal. We are using the program right now, as a matter of urgency, to prepare and be able to confirm before the first 17 of the methods we will be using.”

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