May 9, 2021


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The woman who recently claimed she was sleeping with Tristan Thompson in an alleged screenshot that probably objected to Open Kardashian reaching out to her

Instagram models who recently complained of having sex with Tristan Thompson and then apologized for dropping the bomb are still talking, somehow.

Sydney Chase brought up the play last week when she complained that she recently slept with Tristan Thompson, who is publicly trying to reproduce his romance with his daughter’s mother Kholo Kardashian.

Well now after Sydney’s allegations his efforts may be meaningless, which could damage the chances of him making it official with Khloe. Sydney claims that she started seeing Tristan in November last year and that their recent hookup happened a few weeks before the girls’ real Thompson’s third birthday party.

Although he later apologized for disclosing their alleged relationship, Sydney continued to allege that their relationship must have been real despite their apparent appearance with open Kardashian.

Just when we thought it was over, Sydney then deleted an alleged screenshot on Saturday that appears to have reached him via a direct message on Open Kardashian Instagram.

They appeared as a notification on Sydney’s phone.

Although most of Khloe’s spoken messages were redacted, the second visible message read, “I would appreciate if our conversation could be kept confidential.”

It is not clear what Kholo Ol said to the girl, although these messages are true, people must have been mocking Kholo for trying to have a “woman-to-woman” conversation with Sydney.

Beyond these alleged messages, Tristan or Open Sydney has publicly addressed the allegations.

If true, it would be at least the third recorded example of the disbelief of Tristan. He most famously cheated with Khloe before he gave birth to their daughter and then again with Khloe’s younger sister Kylie Jenner’s ex-bestie Jordin Woods.

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