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There could be a difference between Chelsea and Manchester City, says Michael Richard – CBS DC


(CBS Phil) – The biggest game in European football is just days away from meeting Chelsea and Manchester City in the Champions League final on Saturday, May 29. The two English clubs, who have met Chelsea three times this season, are familiar with each other. City have won twice, once in the FA Cup final and once in a league game earlier this month. Manchester City, however, are yet to make their debut in the Premier League and will go on to win their first Champions League trophy on Saturday.

Pep Guardiola’s side are one of the best defensive teams in Europe, both at home and in the Champions League campaign, conceding the fewest goals in a Premier League game (32) and conceding just four in all competitions. UEFA Champions League today Analyst Mickey Richard: The club’s biggest difference this year is two – acquiring center-back Ruben Dias from Benfica and controlling possession.

I think the difference is that he bought Ruben Dias. They still have a high line but I think they are working harder now to keep the ball. If you look at the game statistics, 60-70% of the assets are owned, ”Richard told the media. “Teams can’t get the ball from them. Sometimes it is impossible. I don’t think they’ve changed much, I just think they’ve made some ridiculous mistakes. ”

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Richard’s partner Champions League today Analyst Jamie Carragher, meanwhile, sees City playing a bit backwards and will not be aggressive, leaving many opportunities to bring back opponents.

I think as a team, I think there is a little difference this time. ‘ They defend the ball and defend it. ”

Ownership statistics were crucial in the three games played by the sides this season. Two wins over Chelsea (FA Cup And P), The property battle is close to 50-50. On January 3, when City beat Man City, the ownership statistics ended with Chelsea winning, but City dominated by three first-half goals before the game eased in the second half. That first match was also Chelsea’s only match against City’s regular 11.

On Sunday, a big question for Chelsea fans and fans of the American men’s national team is the role of 22-year-old Christian Christian Lisik in the game. After scoring nine goals and four assists in 25 matches (19 starts) for Chelsea last season, Ul Lisik has not had the same effect (4 goals 2 assists). However, Richard said he believes the young American could be a game-changer for Chelsea in this competition.

It’s a unique skill, it doesn’t play as well as we would like, but every time we do analytics, we talk about it because we see amazing abilities there. He is one of the scariest, most inspiring, talented young players I have ever seen. Jamie and I have struggled with a lot of injuries, ”Richard said. “But he is running again and he played his last game against Aston Villa. I think the difference might be. We’ll talk about Chelsea’s counter-attack behind Werner’s run, he could do something brilliant individually. I think it could have a big impact on this game if it starts or gets off the bench. I’m a fan of Pisic ”

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Belgian national team coach and analyst Roberto Martinez Champions League today, According to Richard’s point, Ul Lisik is not in the first 11 of the game and has a unique ability to touch the game.

“Christian Ulich is one of the few players who can really be strong as a starter or a substitute. He starts his first game in two games against Real Madrid and makes a difference. The second leg to be replaced. He has that incredible talent and you don’t get a lot of players like that, ”Martinez said.

Ul Lisich started both Premier League games against City and came on as a substitute in the FA Cup semi-final. Manager Thomas Tu Chelli has a number of options on the wing, with Piscier recently playing against Aston Villa. I didn’t draw the best reviews. In any case, he has made 42 appearances for Chelsea in all competitions this season. It remains to be seen what effect it will have and whether the Blues will be able to defend the city.

The Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City will be played on Saturday, May 29 at 3pm Eastern Time. Launches and will be released on Paramaut +.


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