There’s something wrong with the children’s casts Zach Gilford, Amanda Crew

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If there’s one thing that the horror genre loves, it’s creepy kids. Whether they are caught talking to an invisible ghost or possessed by a demon, creepy kids are a tried and true method of scaring viewers. Elo, Dir Roxanne Benjamin (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) gets her hands on the tropics with a new horror movie There’s something wrong with the kids, who added only a few names to his cast, per report of Variety.

Recently, the cast for the project has been announced and it will be the star Zach Gilford (Midnight Mass), Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley), Alisha Wainwright (Raise Dion), Carlos Santos (Gentefied), a mat Briella Guiza in the David Mattel as head children that something is wrong.

The film is directed by Benjamin and directed by TJ Cimfel (Enter) in the David Weiss (Enter). It is also executive produced by Jason Blumm, Chris McCumber, an an Jeremy Gold from Blumhouse Television and Josh Reinhold.

Zach Gilford at the Midnight Mass.

Image via Netflix

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There’s something wrong with the kids is part of the previously announced slate of films created between Blumhouse Television and Epix. The first movie, A house on the Bayou, will Released Friday, November 19th for digital purchase and on Epix. In addition, the second film in the partnership, American refugee, published December 10th for digital purchase and on Epix.

Movies continue There’s something wrong with the kids is underway in New Orleans, but there is currently no expected release date for the film.

The official synopsis published for There’s something wrong with the kids ass:

Margaret (Wainwright) and Ben (Gilford) make a weekend trip with longtime friends Ellie (Crew) and Thomas (Santos) and their two young children (Guiza and Mattle). Eventually, Ben begins to suspect that something supernatural is happening when the kids behave strangely after disappearing into the woods overnight.

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The film will hit Epix in digital release on December 10th.

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