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They were robbed in the 9th round, the Dodgers were defeated by 10 giants – Press Agency


LOS ANGELES – About two-thirds of the seats at the Dodge Stadium were empty for Friday’s game between the Dodgers and San Francisco giants. That was enough to make the place feel full by 2021.

The announced total includes 17,873 fully-fledged supporters among right-wingers. The left field was relatively small. Mike Towachman, a left-wing supporter of the heroes, had plenty of room to reach beyond the wall at the bottom of the ninth inning, and Albert J. Joe quieted the flying ball over the blue sky and silenced the stadium.

It was the beginning of the year. Pu Jols made his 669th career home. The Dodgers had to wait for their first defeat of the season with five games, a 5-5 defeat until the 10th round.

Austin Barnes hit a three-run home run against Tyler Rogers to close the gap on the Dodgers, who followed up with a 5-2 lead. Barnes’ second home run in 2021 was the first of its kind in the world.

J Jols Club rolled the Rogers 1 and 2 quick ball over the next shot and over the wall. Towchman never stepped over the wall to grab hold. Half of the Dodgers’ digging awaits him on foot, he hides the ball in his gloves and gets off the pass. As Tachchman showed the ball and got to his feet, the game went further.

Kenley Jansen (0-2) did not score well in 10th place. To start the game, Steven Dujgar was automatically placed in second place with a single goal from Lmont Wade.

Jansen Mike Yastersky walked 3-2 in the eighth round, beating Bestor Posein to three-run Bell Brain Traine.

Subsequent beating Ivan Longria doubled the lead on the right field from ld Ledon Nesses. The final score was scored by Wade and Yasturzky.

The Dodgers (31-20) failed to secure top spot in the West League for the first time in more than a month. Second-placed San San Francisco (31-20) is behind 1½ games behind San Diego (33-19).

Justin Turner went 3-5 and Matty Betty won over the Dokers, who got another solid start with a loss to Walker Buhell.

In less than a week, Buheler, for the second time in a row, continued his recent success. His right-hand man joined a few more curves in San Francisco last Saturday and cut the ball fast, but the result was the same. He allowed two runs in six innings, only reducing the support of the race to many more starts and a third victory.

The Giants ran a race at the top of the second round. Brandon Crawford doubled his speed on the right-field wall. Crawford jumped to the third base when he was allowed by Dodgers’ Will Smith to put his bowler glove behind his back, and then scored on Donovan Solano’s sacrificial flight.

In the fifth round, Steven Duggar did something unprecedented on the boiler in 41 yards: he hit the home run. Buheler’s 0 and 1 curves captured the heart of the strike zone, so Duggar moved 384 feet to the right.

In the first, Buheler worked around pedestrian farming, and in the third, one feather single. In the sixth, there were two more beatings. But in the second, third, and two outposts, left-footed Yoshi Tsusugo followed a flute on the warning path to avoid a potential crash at Crawford. Tsutsugo smiled and Buheler raised his right hand with a fist and let out a sigh of relief.

In two of his 23 hits, Buheler went on to score three goals. He made 92 tackles, 57 strikes and completed at least six innings in his first 10 appearances this season.

Since his average price tag on May 11 dropped to 3.45, Buheler has dropped three runs in the last three games to 2.66.

Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts said of Buheler: “Every April he seemed to make a mistake. “Publications are violent. That’s why there are no strikes. ”

Each time the giants counted, the Dodgers responded. In the second half, the Dodgers drew 1-1 with Anthony Desklafani.

Beatty turned the first ball from the right hand into the short balcony on the right, starting with his geometric satisfaction of 45 degrees. Giants Right-hander Mike Yastersky stretched his glove to the front row seats, but could not hold it. Betty was the second home run of the season.

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