May 9, 2021


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Thierry Henry warns of a long way ahead of Daniel EK’s offer to take over Arsenal

Thierry Henry thinks it will take too long for Arsenal to take over (Image from Getty Images)

Former Arsenal legend Thierry Henry Fans have warned the club that the potential acquisition by Spotify’s co-founder Daniel Eck could take a “very long time” as the club’s historic goalscorer confirmed his role in the show.

Eck has publicly announced his desire to buy the struggling Premier League giants in the wake of fan protests against Arsenal’s involvement in the proposed failed Europa League plan.

However, US billionaire owner Stan Cronke insisted that he had no intention of selling the club.

Henry’s former teammates and Arsenal legends Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira are also part of an advisory group for an EIC takeover bid.

“He approached us, and we listened to him,” Henry told Sky Sports.

“When we knew first and foremost that he wanted to engage the fans, we actually met with the confidence of the Arsenal fans and told them what we wanted to do – bring them back.

Thierry Henry warns of a long way ahead of Daniel EK's offer to take over Arsenal 1 Sportelo
Daniel EK has indicated his interest in buying the struggling Premier League club. (Photo by Getty Images)

“He wants to re-enter Arsenal’s DNA, an identity that has long since disappeared.

“You don’t have Arsenal folks out there among the board who can sometimes show the right direction and that’s what Daniel wants.

He’s actually said he’s raising money so he can make sure he can put on a good show. It is clear now that they need to listen and see what they can do. “

Kroenke, through his company Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, issued a statement He said he would “not accept” any offer.

“The acquisition process will be very long and it will not be easy if it takes place,” Henry added.

“Daniel isn’t going away, he’s going to be there waiting to see if they want to sell, it’s going to take a long time.”

Kronke was the biggest contributor to Arsenal for a decade, and during his reign the Gunners’ performance plummeted and they lost fourth place in the Premier League for the fifth consecutive season.