Things are ‘booming’ as Bolton unemployment falls, according to DWP

The latest figures showed that unemployment decreased Bolton as more job opportunities have been opened since the pandemic.

Statistics show that over 700 young people currently Business In total, more than 2,800 people work in the district, compared to last year.

This means that youth unemployment fell by a quarter compared to last year.

DWP Bolton partnership manager Penny Applegate said: “The job market is absolutely booming right now. Mitigating the epidemic is helping tremendously, especially with young people returning to work.”

“It’s a great picture to start with right now, and the numbers show that,” he added.

Compared to last year, a total of 2,816 people work, 2,223 of whom are between the ages of 18-24.

The numbers show what DWP calls the “number of alternate claimants,” which it says is much closer to the actual unemployment figure than measuring Universal Credit claimants.

Ms Applegate said: “This is much closer to the actual number of people who are unemployed, looking for work and needing to work, and also on Universal Credit. In other words, it is much closer to the old unemployment figures.”

While DWP credits the revival of major sectors of the economy by helping to lower unemployment, the Kickstart scheme is still available for firms looking to expand their job offerings to young people. The deadline for companies wishing to participate is December 17, while young people have until March 24 to register their interest.

Employment Minister Mims Davies said: “With unemployment falling once again and a record increase in the number of workers on employer payrolls, our plan to create, support and protect is clear. Occupations it’s working.

“As we enter the next phase of recovery, the £500 million support to our business plan will significantly help fill vacancies while continuing to bring more skills and opportunities to people around the country.”

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