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Thirty after Tubing and Vang Viang



To me, the thought of sitting in a rubber duck suddenly slipping into a jungle river seems like the perfect way to spend a day. Drop a few bars and bars, sky.

Vang Ving in Lang

Wang Viang is undoubtedly one of the pipelines, but there are so many questions. Where are you staying? How does it work? Can I do it when I’m old?

Tanya on the blog This post is a journey A great introduction to the visit of Vang Viang. In it she answers all the above and more questions, including – for children only? Let me tell you more, Tanya.

In Lausanne, the capital of Southeast Asia was called Hedonist in the 90’s in Lausanne ላው, but after the deaths of many tubers due to alcohol, drug abuse and dangerous behavior, the Laos government shut down the pipeline.

It started again a year or so later but has very few strict rules. I recently visited Vang Vienn and I had 10 – 15 years of experience with other tourists there, but I decided to give it a whirlpool to see what it looked like these days. Do I feel old? Yes! Am I still having fun? Yes!”

Want to hear how Tanya got in? Then proceed here Van Vyeng in Laos, after thirty tubing.

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