This Is the Night Trailer tells a story full of love, taking chances and Rocky 3

The coming-of-age story comes from ‘The Purge’ creator James DeMonaco.

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Blumhouse has just released the first trailer for his adult dream, This is the night. Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the film celebrates the power of movies to bring people together.

The film follows an Italian American family in 1982 as their Staten Island neighborhood calls for the release of Rocky III. Starring Naomi Watts, Frank Grillo, Lucius Hoyos, Jonah Hauer-King, River Alexander, Chase Vacnin, in the Bobby Cannavale, the trailer reveals an intimate portrait of its surroundings, promises to draw our collective hearts, but it also does not protect us from some of the conflicts and prejudices that define its time and place. The result is not just a love letter to the cinema, but to family, friends, and 80s New York.

Image via Universal Images

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Best known for The Purge Franchise, DeMonaco saw the film as a return to its roots of sorts. “This is the night is a passion project I was waiting to do, “he explained. A story in my hometown of Staten Island, the movie serves as a PSA: Movies bring us – people, families – together. There is no time like today to celebrate movies and how they inspire us. ”

“James has a real knack for telling stories, and working with him on that image – that’s such a departure from our usual kind of collaborations about The Purge Franchise – was a fun and successful start, “said Blumhouse Jason blumm, who is a producer on the film. “Especially now, it’s a compelling time to look at the cultural significance of theater film and remind ourselves why it’s so critical to our society.” Joining Blum as a producer has been a longtime collaborator Sebastien K. Lemercier. Watts et Kate Driver are executive producers.

This is the night will have a limited theatrical release on September 17 at the Angelika Theater in New York, and will be available for rent or purchase on digital streaming platforms on September 21. Watch the trailer for This is the night below.

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