May 9, 2021


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Thomas Tuchl accepts the transfer before the Summer Transfer Market

Thomas Tuchel thinks Chelsea have what it takes to compete in the Finals. (Photo by Getty Images)

Thomas Tuchel He insists he is involved in Chelsea’s transfer talks but is not rushing to make any decisions as the final month of the 2020/21 season enters.

Arrive Chelsea At the end of January after taking over from Frank Lampard and making the case subsidized in the summer market after a strong start to life in West London.

Tuchel sees Chelsea qualify in the FA Cup final, on the verge of reaching the Champions League final and on the verge of finishing the top four.

Tuchel has previously had problems with the top management over transfers, but he feels involved in the conversations and decisions so far at Chelsea.

“I have opinions on what we can add to the group to improve,” Tokhel said. “This is my job. I will give my opinion when he asks me my opinion. We will do this and sometimes your opinions change and this is also a process.”

“I have my thoughts, of course. I have my thoughts for some profiles. It’s not about my desire for Player A and Player B, and if they don’t come, I’ll get angry. It has never been this way throughout my career and it never will be this way.”

“I understand there are issues that need to be resolved with the clients, the players and the interests of the club. It’s not just about me and my desires. This is the basis for all the conversations that we have here. Of course we’re talking about it.

“I talk to the club, I give my opinion and I talk about it with the scouting department. I’m involved and I have to participate. I have a feeling I’m involved. The players we all have great personalities and now is a moment when we get to know each other better and better.”

“We have big matches and tough times ahead of us, so we will have a very clear picture of our group. The stronger their performance, the more difficult it will be to improve this team from the outside. But there is always room and ideas that we will discover.”

“I have a strong feeling that we are not in a hurry and not in great need. We are very comfortable. Everyone is completely focused and this is not the time to distract you with any of that.”