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Those most at risk are given the second COVID-19 vaccine first to protect against multiple strains.


  • A second COVID-19 vaccine is given to those at risk of initial protection against multiple strains.
  • Encouragement of blood tests, genome tracking and intersecting procedures performed in the North West to help spread
  • The military provides planning and support

Those most at risk in the country have been given their second COVID-19 vaccine in the past, the government has announced, as part of a plan to address the rising B1.617.2 cases of first concern in India.

Selection of the second vaccine will be repeated from 12 to 8 weeks for the remaining 9 patients in the critical group who did not receive their second dose. This is to ensure that the people of the UK have the strongest immunity to the virus at any time.

The move follows a revised recommendation from an independent expert on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), which has reviewed recent evidence on the genus and recommended a reduction in support time to protect the species from mutations.

People should continue to be present on their second level and no one should contact the NHS. The NHS will notify those who are required to submit their nominations to be informed, if they are able to do so. Those over the age of 50 will continue to receive their first dose, and their second phase in 12 weeks, as they have been working so far.

Secretary of Health and Social Care Matt Hancock said:

It is important that we do everything we can and use all we have to make sure that we protect the country. We have put in place transparent mechanisms to detect these new developments and improve their spread.

Everyone has a role to play in the experiment – accept invitations to receive j when it arrives, and if you live in the same area where we started testing, try a free PCR test. Let’s work on fighting this together.

The move will be complemented by a new project that is being promoted to drive vaccination between eligible groups in Bolton and Blackburn and Darwen.

In Bolton, these include:

  • expanding the delivery of the vaccine through three local vaccination centers and an existing vaccine bus
  • establishing another vaccine bus that will also help them go to visit others
  • NHS staff support the prompt deployment of staff, while St John’s Ambulance provides continuous volunteers to accommodate local businesses that reach out to those who cannot retire.
  • growing existing leaves, incorporating them into a community wedding venue
  • developing community security plans with the help of links and direct links to rural areas

In Blackburn and Darwen, these include:

  • open opening hours at the Burnley vaccination center
  • Enhancing the capacity of the Blackburn Crypt vaccination site, where plans are underway to adopt the Pfizer vaccine
  • increasing the availability of commercial drugs
  • developing an integrated campaign to promote rural areas
  • creating additional pages as needed

While there is no evidence that these differences significantly affect disease progression or vaccination avoidance, rapid growth is important and the government is working hard to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

A recent report on B1.617.2, published by PHE last night, shows that cases in the UK have risen from 520 last week to 1,313 cases this week. They usually live in the northwest of England, while others live in London.

COVID-19 Shipping Officer Nadhim Zahawi says:

Our vaccine protects thousands of deaths and deaths from COVID-19 and there is early evidence that the vaccine protects against some serious diseases.

This move is a way to fasten the belt and ensure that most people have enough security – make sure you keep your jab when you are connected.

Working in partnership with government officials, strengthening local operations within the BL3 postcodes in Bolton and other parts of England helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 species. The genomic classification and interconnected regulation is being conducted in the North West, and is being tested elsewhere in areas where their concerns have been found to have broken publisher chains.

Currently, postcodes in Bolton, Sefton (Formby), Blackburn and Darwen and Lancashire have an additional residence test for citizens with B1.617.2 cases. Testing will be expanded this weekend at these locations to meet local needs, which will include additional mobile testing units, door-to-door testing and additional PCR equipment for testing centers.

In Bolton, a new Team of Winners Rapid Response 100 has been available for weeks throughout the week. The group will assist circuit overseers in door-to-door testing and encourage their members to undergo PCR testing. The military, led by Colonel Russell Miller, is supporting a strategic planning effort.

A total of £ 2 million has also been approved for a pilot throughout the Greater Manchester area, trying to persuade people to follow the rules of isolation if they are found to be in trouble. The pilot will include ‘support and support teams’ who will work with families within 24 hours from being tested to create a isolation plan.

This can include providing support and assistance to anyone who may need it, including children and adults at risk, or other accommodation where they may need it. There will also be advocacy, support and support for cultural groups. The pilot is expected to reach 13,000 people in 12 weeks.

Additional measures will be implemented in areas where multiple groups have been identified to end the spread. These include:

  • additional evaluation and follow-up to contact them, including community mobilization and monitoring that takes place in accordance with local government officials and community groups.
  • an increase in genomes in favor of positive cases
  • increased development, including ensuring that information is available in the languages ​​that people use
  • working with community members and community leaders to ensure that people are supported to try and isolate
  • Encouraging people to take their age and vulnerable groups who have the opportunity to be vaccinated

The Department of Health and Social Services has also confirmed that a surgical test is being conducted in Hackney where the found cases have been found.

The government and its scientists are monitoring the dynamics and prices of different species carefully, and they will not hesitate to take action if necessary.

The government continues to work with pharmaceutical companies to develop new vaccines, especially in various forms.

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