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Three glasses of wine a week can reduce a woman’s chances of conceiving


One study suggests that just three moderate glasses of wine a week can reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

This and heavy drinking – more than six a week – was associated with a 44 percent lower chance during the ‘luteal phase’, when the womb is ready for a fertilized egg.

The study noted that alcohol can be irritating and cause a surge of hormones to change the phase.

And those who drank heavily during ovulation were estimated to be 61 percent less likely than non-drinkers.

A study from the University of Louisville suggests that just three moderate glasses of wine a week can reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

For the University of Louisville study published in Human Reproduction, US experts looked at 413 women over 19 months.

Dr Kira Taylor, senior author of the study, said: ‘These findings are important because some women who are trying to conceive may believe it is “safe” to drink during certain parts of their menstrual cycle.

‘If we assume that in the general population a normal, healthy, non-drinking woman trying to conceive has about a 25 percent chance of conceiving during one menstrual cycle, then, out of 100 women, There will be about 25 non-drinking women. Of those conceiving in a particular cycle, about 20 moderate drinkers will conceive, and only 11 heavy drinkers will conceive.’

In the study, the women’s alcohol intake was measured using the number of standard drinks they consumed in a week—where one drink counted as a medium glass of wine, with only half a pint of beer, or about two shots of spirits. in the form of.

Roughly a third of women became pregnant, but it was estimated that they were about 49 percent less likely to do so if they drank heavily during the month.

Experts believe that the increased hormone production caused by alcohol can reduce the production of eggs for a woman to grow and fertilize, without which she has no chance of having children.

The association between alcohol and the likelihood of pregnancy took into account factors such as the women’s age, weight, whether they smoked and how often they had unprotected sex.

Professor Joyce Harper, head of the Reproductive Science and Society group at University College London, explained that the study was small, and not all women in it were trying to become pregnant.

But she added: ‘Unfortunately it is common to have one to two drinks a night, especially during the past year, and many women may not realize that they would be classified as heavy drinkers.

‘Reducing alcohol consumption is sensible advice for men and women trying to conceive as an increasing number of studies have shown preconception lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption can impair fertility and the risk of a future child. May have long-term effects on health.

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