Three things to be proud of

Dr. Martin Hirst explains why he has been tweeting the hashtags #ProVax, #ProUnion, and #AntiFascist so often lately.

Why do I THINK these three slogans are so important today? Actually it’s a simple story, but let me start with some background.

did you hear that Clive and Craig Clown Show has new members?

I will not link to the article published in Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) website because I don’t want to give them traffic, but this far-right mob has joined forces with the “horse-crowned man” and “fat controller” in the United Australia Party (STEAM).

BKA leader Monica Smit martyr who crucified himself He made a lot of money on the anti-vaccine lawsuit and also on fraud. (some have been excellent coverage by this Tom Tanuki inside Independent AAustralia.)

By associating the BKA with the UAP, Smit was able to use his recent notoriety to support far-right gangsterism and give it a semi-legitimate political veil. Also linked to Smit right-wing liberals in Victoria.

How does the anti-lockdown fundraiser keep working?

This is an interesting and potentially sinister development in Australian politics.

Far-right groupists and outright Nazi pond scum actively try to recruit from the disenfranchised stratum of free anti-vaccine idiots. This environment is the gateway to full-blown fascist politics. This is where the likes of RDA and proud kids may find angry and impressive fresh meat.

As I explained earlier, Prime Minister Scott Morrison relies on the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-public health crowd. for re-election. COALition also needs the choices of voters who may gravitate towards Palmer’s United Australia Party.

I also wrote about #freedumbs. they fought on their way In Melbourne a few weeks ago. This largely ruthless and ignorant group is prone to disinformation campaigns and do-it-yourself COVID-19 treatments; He’s also caught up in QAnon-type conspiracy theories.

Why do I call myself “pro vax”

Speaking of conspiracy theories, the latest arguments put forward by anti-vaccine opponents are a mix of conspiracy and misinformation. For example, the completely false premise that medical doctors are somehow violating something called “Medicine”. Nuremberg Code advocating for vaccines. This is completely refuted, but that doesn’t stop those who are released from ranting about it when they’re prevented from getting on the bus or going to a cafe for refusing to be punished.

The same rules of reasoning apply to other bogus arguments for human rights and being a “sovereign citizen” are legitimate reasons to oppose vaccines. “Something, something, you can’t make me the deep state or anything,” they grumbled.

The ideas behind this waffle create an intellectual wormhole to the far-right months of lies, gibberish, mindless violence, and careful racism.

No, COVID-19 vaccines do not make you magnetic or inject 5G particles into your bloodstream; They don’t change your DNA; and they don’t turn you into anything gay frog.

On the other hand, refusing to get vaccinated on false legal, ethical or ideological grounds makes you completely selfish.

Refusing to get vaccinated is the ultimate libertarian wet dream of unhindered individual freedom, but it’s irresponsible because it also puts the people around you at risk. There is legitimate medical reasons Why some people just can’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, but the “self-made, do your own research” arsebiscuit isn’t one of them.

Fake vaccination passports complicate the epidemic

Vaccination is the right thing to do because public health is a social responsibility and is the final nail in the anti-vaccination “all about me” coffin: public health is also about my rights, your rights, and our collective right. living safely in a community that acts in the interests of all of us. This is the “common good” and an act of social solidarity, especially with immunocompromised people who are more vulnerable to the virus and cannot be vaccinated safely.

There is only one right side in this struggle, and that is the majority of supporters of the vaccine.

Why do I call myself “pro-union”

If you are in the workforce, your vaccination status is a health and safety concern. That’s it, really.

This is an indisputable, universal rule that applies to workplaces or occupations where vaccination is required and voluntary by legislation or employers.

This is a union issue because historically workers must always fight bosses to keep their workplaces safe. The legal situation is also clear.

Don’t take my word for it: Please consult a lawyer if you are unsure. However, in general, any vaccination orders administered are legal under current federal and state laws. business laws and if your boss says you need to get vaccinated, that’s okay too.

federal human rights law less precise, However challenges to vaccination obligations based on discrimination arguments threshold tests contained in the legislation.

Of course, everyone has the right not to be vaccinated (subject to my pre-vaccination warnings), but no one has to pick you up if they don’t let you into their factory, university conference, school, office, bar, cafe, bus, or home. I want to compel your ignorant selfish protest.

I support the argument that refusing to get vaccinated is like injuring your co-workers – “injure, don’t injure” – because it puts your own confusion ahead of a collective responsibility to avoid potentially infecting your colleagues. deadly virus.

There is another and more political reason why I think vaccines are a union issue. In public jobs – baristas, bar staff, public transport, retail, accommodation and healthcare (for example) – who will protect workers who are abused to maintain a “no ban, no service” policy? Even if you’re working in the back office, do you really want to sit next to an infected colleague who’s breathing the germs of the plague on everything?

Freedom protesters and Craig Kelly at the center of Morrison's reelection plan

We’ve already seen examples of anti-vaccine attackers attacking healthcare workers and store workers in an impotent tantrum. All workers need the strength of their unions to insist that employers protect their workplaces from these futile idiots.

The broader union and labor movement also has a responsibility to our comrades at the front to stand up for their rights in the workplace and fight for things like proper PPE, training, safety, a safe workplace and decent pay.

If you are not already a member of a union, join one today.

While the last two years have been incredibly difficult and frustrating, we should not lose sight of these issues. The neoliberal assault on workers’ rights and conditions has not been stopped during the pandemic; It will continue as we get to what the “normal” future looks like post-COVID.

But we know the future will look bleak if we don’t confront the anti-human far-right virus spreading among anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-public health political circles. When I entered politics more than 40 years ago, I did not think in my lifetime that I would face a potential fascist threat in Australia; Just in 2021, here we go.

Why do I call myself “anti-fascist”?

If you are not a fascist, why not be against fascism? It should be yours to be anti-fascist default position.

NS question There is one simple thing for you: “What are you ready to do about it?”

History shows us that ignoring the real physical threat posed by Nazi gangs created the conditions in which they grew up. As the experience of Germany and Italy in the 1930s shows, when it has power, a fascist-corporatist state enlists street thugs to crush any political opposition to its anti-human policies.

Leading elements of the RDA tend to welcome the Nazis, and when they come together behind closed doors, they can take real fascist positions. They hide their racism and anti-worker ideas behind a false banner of “freedom”, but what they want is pervasive neoliberal libertarianism combined with ethno-purity, which begins with White supremacy and ends with the Holocaust.

From fascism to persia to the next election

It’s clear from the so-called “encrypted” messages on it. Telegram and so on, the more political people trying to lead the #free idiots in these circles are clearly fascists. For them, the anti-vaccine crowd provides a cover for their anti-Semitism and other disgusting ideologies.

A royal commission It will not eliminate the far right. I am not opposed to shining a bright light on the Nazis among us, but this does not replace the trade union movement’s responsibility to counter the fascists by providing training and mobilizing workers to stop Nazi conscription.

The RDA’s alignment with the UAP may not take long – the Australian far-right is fraught with failure. But under the current circumstances – combined with COVID-19 and the crisis of capitalist legitimacy – this formation may be more stable and growing.

The prospect of this happening should be alarming to any decent person. The real agenda of the far right is not “freedom” – it is white supremacy, anti-Semitism, anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQI rights, anti-union and anti-worker thuggery.

Sleepwalking in fascist Australia

If we want to avoid such scenes, we must be vigilant, active and politically open. what happened in rome recently where fascist gangs looted a union headquarters and terrorized the working class and various communities.

We got a taste of Melbourne with the attack on CMFEU headquarters and the violent attacks all over the city. Now the gangs are planning another street rally for late November. We must fight, or they will take our city.

Dr. Martin Hirst He is an independent Australian columnist, journalist, author and academic. You can follow him on Twitter @ethicalmartini.

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