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Thugs closed for mass brawl at Rangers title ceremony in Glasgow


a thug who was involved in a mass brawl ranger people The title function has been discontinued.

Adam Martin, 29, fought with fellow supporters on May 15 this year on Argyll Street in Glasgow.

Rangers fans gathered in the city center in the thousands to celebrate the club’s Scottish Premiership Trophy Day.

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Prosecutor Emma Baker told the Glasgow Sheriff’s Court: “Martin was part of a large-scale unrest following the Rangers title ceremony.

“Police were alerted to a large-scale fighting that broke out at Argyll Street railway station.

“The officers intervened and Martin was part of the fight and the police went in and broke it up.

“Martin was arrested then.”

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Martin pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff’s Court to disorderly conduct and breach of the peace.

Sentencing was postponed until next month for a background report by Sheriff Barry Divers.

Martin, of Belshill, North Lanarkshire, has meanwhile been remanded in custody.

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