Tigers head of football Hartigan goes

The Wests Tigers cut ties with football head Adam Hartigan, becoming the first man to come under the custody of general manager Tim Sheens.

It is believed that Hartigan and the Tigers parted ways after days of speculation about their future and the growing role Sheens would play.

Hartigan arrives 10 years after the finals, just a month after helping the club’s football department get a high-profile review.

It looked like it could cost Michael Maguire the coaching position before the board decided to keep him in 2022.

Instead, the unemployed person is now Hartigan.

The Sheens takeover of football operations effectively reduced Hartigan’s role and suspended him from the club for the next season.

Hartigan has been a popular figure in the Tigers since coming out of the Roosters in 2019.

It has been an important part of the trail approaches, one of the few lights to shine at the club in recent years.

He signed on to the likes of Daine Laurie, Stefano Utoikamanu, and Shawn Blore while promoting a strong underrated system.

The Tigers finished second in the NSW Cup when COVID-19 halted the reserve season in June and were unbeaten in the U-21 Jersey Flegg.

At the same time, the club is on the verge of trying to lure Josh Hodgson to Canberra as the third high-profile member for next year, after Jackson Hastings and Tyrone Pachey.

Meanwhile, Hartigan’s debut follows the debut of assistants Wayne Collins and Shane Millard, who move into the football department after the review.


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