TikTok famous ‘kung-fu grandma’ explains viral ninja stance to Nelson anti-lockdown protesters

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“They were right in front of me, coming towards me, and I thought, ‘OK, I’m going to cross Trafalgar St.’ There was a cameraman walking towards me and he said something like, ‘You better move, ma’am. They won’t stop for you’

I thought, “Actually, let’s give this a try,” because I didn’t quite agree with their sentiments.”

What happened next was pure social media gold. Jan was photographed standing against the crowd, making a ninja pose, and then being immediately swallowed by protesters who refused to stand for him.

“I stood where I was and the crowd passed me,” he said of what happened next. “It was like a breakup… a woman gave me high five, which was interesting.”

Jan says his counter-protest came about because he has immunocompromised friends and these people need protection – “so I thought no, I’m going to protest here.”

Somewhat disappointingly, Jan admits that the stance he’s taken has more to do with fears that a swarm of protesters will crush him, rather than an actual martial arts movement.

“I stretched out my feet… I crossed my arms. To be honest, it wasn’t a ninja move… it was quite misinterpreted, I think they put kung-fu music on it.

“But yes it was my intent, my statement.”

Watch the full interview with Jan above.

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