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Time to load the game | Public Service Announcement


To begin with: This columnist and Chicago actor and educator, Sydney Miller, recently addressed a press conference for the Federal Health and Human Services PSA. Here Sydney’s main character encourages us to pause for a moment and get vaccinated and continue to celebrate our lives.


  • The US Department of Health and Human Services is working to promote this COVID-19 vaccine in the Chicago area.
  • Although it may seem like an impossible time and place, Memorial Day is upon us. Here are a few events to consider over the next seven days.

    • Until now, 6/14: “11 Musicians for 11 Authors” created by vocal artists, videographers, and other early musicians and artists inspired and commissioned by both South Korean cities. On the 60th, the art was erected around the campus of the Logan Art Center at the University of Chicago. Free to watch, Check here for more details.
    • Friday 5/28, 7 PM: Chicago Goth Dance Three-Pixel Grip (Topics in our May 13-26 issue) will play the release of their new album online Arena. he is Ticket hosted by Hutu And can be seen on the noncorrex
    • Friday 5/28 to 5/30 Sun, 7 and 9:30 PM performances: Vangi. Vangi Vaaangi! Drag the queens from Raphael Drag CompetitionMs. Matthew, Chicago’s Kim Chin and Asia Minor (in my opinion) will be featured on Drive ‘n’ Drag in an off-field driving experience. Tickets are still available for some of the shows Vos Events Website.
    • Saturday 5/29, 9 p.m. Argyle Activation Walk Asia-Pacific Pacific Heritage Month is celebrated with DJs, dance performances, rehearsals, food from upstairs vendors, book sales, Bobba Garden, and more. It is a free, family-friendly and outdoor event with a variety of activities planned from Broadway to Sher Reiden throughout Argyle Street throughout the day.
    • Saturday 5/29, 8 PM: Chicago Bugi Legend Erwin Helfer in Constituency with John Brubrabach and Lu Marini. Tickets are still available The show will be broadcast live for remote seats, and the performance will be streamed live on the Construction YouTube channel.
    • Monday 5/31, 10 AM-4 PM: The Presbyterian Military Museum and Library are open to commemorate Memorial Day and you can see “Drag to Fight: Bill Maldine and the Art of War.” Reader Dinah Isaac Wrote about this. Tickets and other information Available on the museum’s website.
    • Linn Tuesday 6/1, 7 PM – Delta blues guitarist Thabo Benoit brings Whiskey Bioo Review to City Wine for six shows. They are tickets Available on site.
    • On Tuesday 6/3, 8 p.m., hip-hop artist and Evangelist native Kingston brought his music to Promontry for 18 and over performances. They are tickets Available on site.
    • Tuesday 6/3, 7 PM – Eighth BlackBord will be part of the Chicago Artists Workshop series with live musician and disability advocate Molly Joyce. Tickets are pay-what-you-can and Available on the Eighth BlackBord website. V


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