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Tips and tools to help you connect with customers in the virtual world


Keeping your customers interested and invested in your business is more important than ever. This can present a difficult pivot for life insurance agents and other careers that traditionally rely on face-to-face interactions. However, with the right tools and some creative thinking, you can connect more virtually and maintain closer relationships with customers.

Even when your customers are used to talking to you in person, it’s important to have some “visibility” out of it. Now the common method is video calls and conferencing. Although it may not be everyone’s favorite method after widespread use since the pandemic began, when done well it is an effective communication tool.

Hints to help you make professional video calls

Prepare and test video before your call. Feeling confident is the key to looking better on a video call. You can create that feeling by being well prepared. Prepare any materials you need in advance and test out techniques, audio, and video if you’re not familiar with use.

Set a flatter camera angle and distance. The best camera angles are head-on and at eye level. You don’t want people to feel like they’re looking at you up or down. Adjust your camera or your sitting position so that your image is well framed. In addition, facing the brightest source of light (usually a window) will provide a brighter and flatter image. Get more tips for looking your best on a video call Here.

Make your profile picture and background image look professional. It helps to strengthen your professional brand with a professional headshot and clean background. You can also add branding to any image, like your company logo. The clean background also helps reduce any distractions.

Online Tool to Simplify Life Insurance Application Process

Even before the world went virtual, ExamOne developed tools to make the life insurance exam process more convenient. These tools are perfect to use for today’s consumer-friendly online experience.

ordering online. Manage all life insurance exam requirements ExamOne.com. By ordering online, you can save time and track status 24/7.

Email Scheduling. When an email is included on a life insurance application, ExamOne sends an email with a link to access the system Online Scheduling.* Then the applicant can also receive email appointment reminders and a survey to collect feedback after the completion of their exam.

Texting Options. Consumers can opt-in with ExamOne for text notifications. For customers participating in ExamOne’s online lab results program, Inside Look®Applicants will receive a text message when their results are ready if they supply their cell phone number and sign the TCPA opt-in consent on the lab slip during the exam.

A more virtual world doesn’t mean a less personal experience with your customers. Using technology and online tools can help you stay connected and perhaps provide an even more convenient and effective process.

*Applicant scheduling and appointment reminder emails are based on carrier partnerships.

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