TJ Majors returns fire and calls Dale Earnhardt Jr. an ‘idiot’ after being mocked on Podcast and cussed during the Xfinity Series Race

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his longtime spotter TJ Majors reunited this weekend in Richmond for the two-time Daytona 500 winner’s annual Xfinity Series race. After mocking the Majors earlier this week on his podcast, Earnhardt got upset and kissed him during the race. On it Door bumper ready podcast, the Majors responded to both incidents and did not hold back, calling Earnhardt an idiot.

TJ Majors set the record right after Dale Earnhardt Jr. made fun of his mock debut

Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke last week in his podcast about his annual one-time run in the Xfinity Series at Richmond and reunion with former spotter TJ Majors. The NASCAR Hall of Famer recalled a story about the time the Majors debuted as a replacement for Matt Kenseth’s regular spotter.

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