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Today’s major headlines from The Telegraph


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1. Exclusive: Give poor countries extra jobs to stop Covid variants, urges world bodies

Rich countries must urgently give poorer countries more COVID vaccines or risk the emergence of new forms and forcing future lockdowns, major world bodies have warned.

The heads of the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank Group and the World Trade Organization argue in an article that Wire And newspapers from other rich countries. Read the full story.

2. Special Investigation: More than 270 charities are giving more boss than prime minister

More than 270 charities are paying their owners more than the prime minister, with the highest earning on the year at £4.7m, by an investigation Wire Has been found

In the most comprehensive analysis ever made public, this newspaper has found that organizations among them employ more than 2,500 employees at salaries of more than £ 100,000 per year. Read the full story.

3. Dominic Raab to criticize Russia’s ‘aggressive behavior’ at NATO summit as Moscow sends troops to western border

Dominic Raab will present a “rap sheet” of Russia’s bad behavior to NATO allies on Tuesday, as Moscow said it would increase its military presence in the country’s west.

The foreign secretary will list a range of Britain’s objections to Russia’s recent actions, including military build-up near the border with Ukraine, after Vladimir Putin’s top security officials announced that 20 new “units and formations” would be deployed in western Russia. And the existing arsenal forces will be boosted. Read the full story.

4. More countries to be added to red list amid concerns over spread of COVID-19

An analysis suggests that more countries are set to be added to the red list amid concerns over high infection rates and the spread of covid variants.

Four countries have been identified as potential targets when the government publishes its updated list of countries in green, amber and red this week, the latter quarantining Britons in government-approved hotels at a cost of up to 10 days. Require a return to. £1,750. Read the full story.

5. The Duchess of Cambridge praised ‘Stockport Spider-Man’ for raising enthusiasm during lockdown

The Duchess of Cambridge praised the “surprisingly captured” image of a martial arts teacher dressed as Spider-Man during the lockdown and joked about buying a costume for her husband.

Jason Baird, who runs Jason Baird’s Black Belt Academy in Stockport, and his friend Andrew Baldock became known as the “Stockport Spider-Men” because they entertained children and family by dressing up as the character on their walks. . Read the full story.

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