Tom Brady Almost Perfect First Quarter Vs. Eagles – CBS Boston

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday night’s national broadcast of the Buccaneers-Eagles game kicked off with a few notes about Tom Brady. One of them involved the 44-year-old quarterback who played in a short week after hurting his thumb on Sunday. The other is Brady’s returned in best four-game stretch your entire career.

Brady took the field against the Eagles and immediately showed that his thumb was no problem… and he didn’t finish stretching this phenomenal football.

The man continued and almost excellent first quarter

The quarterback took the field and completed the first three passes of the night: nine yards to Antonio Brown, 22 yards to Mike Evans, and 16 yards to Chris Godwin.

Brady’s fourth pass technically not complete, but Brown managed to catch up, just one step out of bounds.

Brady made his next pass — 10 yards to Godwin — and then a 2-yard field goal to OJ Howard. It’s nice to touch this pass.

Brady was 6 on 5 for 59 yards and a touchdown was on that drive.

But the next one was better.

After the Eagles went on a touchdown drive (largely backed by Bucs penalties), Brady passed Leonard Fournette eight yards, Godwin eight yards, Fournette three yards and nine yards. Ronald Jones. Brady, currently 4 to 4 for 48 yards, took a first and 10-shot at the Philadelphia 23-yard line.

The Eagles ran four and covered seven of them in the district. But Brady calmly got out of his pocket and Brown found an open hole in that area.

Perhaps after a double assessment of how open his receiver was, Brady gave Brown a shot at the catch, turning and crossing the goal line.

At this point, Brady was 11 to 12 for 121 yards and two touchdowns. This is a pretty successful quarter run.

On the next drive, he went 2-by-3 for six yards, but the offense came short on the third and 11, resulting in a punt.

On his next drive, Brady threw at Cameron Brate and the pass was knocked down and then stopped. However, after a very long review, the NFL overturned the call on the field, deciding it was incomplete, and saved Brady from his third interception of the season and first responder since Week 1. Still, the nearly perfect night has officially come to an end.

Brady entered this game in second place in the NFL with 15 behind Patrick Mahomes. He also entered as the leader of the NFL with 1,767 – 162 more passing yards than Derek Carr in second place. He quickly took the lead on the touchdown and added that lead in yards.

It would be impressive to have this type of season at any age. At 44, an age where single QBs who are crazy enough to try to play fail badly, it makes it all the more ridiculous.

We keep saying that, yes. But it also demands that we do this.


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