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Tom Homan: Biden border policy ‘most inhumane’ I’ve ever seen and risks ‘national security crisis’


Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan harsh criticism President Bidenlimit of policies, Saying that the administration has handed over the control of the border to the criminal cartel. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released disaster declaration In response to the number of illegal border crossings.

Representative John Cato: Biden’s border crisis – every state is now a border state

Tom Homan: The men and women of the Border Patrol are the only piece of humanity at that border. Biden administration policy, to call it humane? Tell me it’s human when you see that video, kids are thrown on the wall, kids are left in the fields. This is the most inhuman policy I have seen in my 35 years. So thank God for the men and women in green who are standing on that front and saving lives. He saved the lives of four thousand of our people last year.

Harris Faulkner: I want to ask this because I know you said that national security risk is the next step in all of this and that would be great. Are We There Yet?

Tom Homan: We are there, and that’s why I think Governor Abbott has declared a national emergency. Its troops have confiscated record quantities of fentanyl and fentanyl spread across the country. It killed more than 64,000 Americans during the last crisis at the border. … Criminal cartels control the Mexican-American border and the Joe Biden administration handed it over to them. They make use of this humanitarian crisis. They would push hundreds of family groups into an area, tying up all Border Patrol agents so that they would take their fentanyl and all their gang members into unsafe areas, which creates a national security crisis, not counting how many. There are people on the FBI see list who have successfully obtained that we have not arrested. This is a serious national security crisis.

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