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Top Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch – June 2, 2021


A mixed bag of news is driving this week’s biotech penny stock…

I’ve been looking at test and research news, poster presentations at conferences, and a penny stock that was added to an ETF. Also, some stocks are moving up technology pattern.

And I have some of the winners from last week’s list that are returning…

Learn a lesson from Stock #5 and wait for your best trades to come to you. Then remember to sell in strength.

A lot of traders got screwed in the bubble market. They have learned bad trading habits like holding on and hoping. It may have worked in the past, but it won’t get you ahead in different market environments.

If you think this market is slow I can assure you, it could get worse.

So prepare and build your good habits from now on. Smart trading starts with creating a watchlist, a trading plan, and always cutting losses when you go wrong.

Here are the top biotech penny stocks I’m looking at this week and why.

Top Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch

These are the top stocks on my watchlist. ‘Look’ is the key word here. There is no guarantee that there will be a trading opportunity. Remember, these stocks move fast.

Before we go through my list of stocks to watch, here are some of my top resources for penny stocks…

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Now, let’s go over the top biotech penny stocks to watch this week…

Biotech Penny Stocks #1: Silos Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SEEL)

SEEL is a biotech that develops treatments for central nervous system disorders. Its lead drug candidate is a nasal spray to treat suicidal thoughts in patients with depression.

Yesterday the company announced that its stock was included in the Defense Next Gen Alted Experience ETF. It is the first US-listed ETF focused on psychedelics.

Read the full press release here.

I would watch for the stock to break above my channel above $3.50.

Biotech Penny Stocks #2: Brickell Biotech, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBI)

BBI develops potential treatments for skin diseases. It is also working with another company to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

announced it yesterday Phase 3 Study The results from its partner company in Japan were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Dermatology.

The stock traded above average volume after the news. But it has a history of spiking and is not a profit. i will swing for it Solo with this stock.

Biotech Penny Stocks #3: Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (NYSE: LCTX)

Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc. Develops treatments for degenerative diseases. Yesterday it announced that two patients in its phase 1/2 study showed restoration of retinal tissue.

“Outer retinal layer restoration, which was visualized using clinical high-resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT), was evidenced by the presence of new regions of the RPE monolayer including the ellipsoidal region, the outer limiting membrane and the outer nuclear layer. was not present at the time of baseline assessment.”

Read the full press release here.

There was a huge gap in the stock after this news. And it traded above average volume. I will watch to see if it can break out and continue higher. I would like to see it near its recent high of $3.13.

Biotech Penny Stocks #4: Sky Bioscience, Inc. (OTCQB: SKYE)

SKYE developed cannabinoid therapy to treat infectious diseases.

There is no recent news on the company. But the stock had a big green day in high volume on Friday. Yesterday it gapped but faded. I’ll look at holding it for potential help About 15 cents and bounce upwards.

Biotech Penny Stocks #5: Etosa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATOS)

ATOS develops drugs for the areas of oncology and infectious diseases.

CEO Dr. Steven C. Quay made his presentation on May 24 COVID-19 Research For members of the US Congress.

On May 27 the CEO published his research on whether the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s claim of zero cases of COVID-19 was statistically feasible.

read report here.

The stock was on my watchlist for the past two weeks. I’ve been watching for days spread Over the $3.40 zone. Yesterday it broke and traded above average volume. I’ll watch it potentially continue higher, but I’ll wait for it dip-buy chance.

(Past performance is not indicative of future results.)

Biotech Penny Stocks #6: Vascular Biogenics Ltd. (NASDAQ:VBLT)

VBLT is a biotech company focused on the development of cancer treatments.

The company will provide a poster update on its Phase 3 Clinical Trials For its potential ovarian cancer treatment at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The meeting runs from 4-6 June.

This is another stock from last week’s watchlist. I’ve been watching VBLT for several days now spread Over the $2.45 zone. Ideally, I’d like to see more volume.

Biotech Penny Stocks #7: Ethereum Therapeutics Plc (NASDAQ:ITRM)

ITRM develops anti-infections for drug-resistant pathogens.

on 27th May after hours, the company provided an update FDA review About its possible treatment for urinary tract infection.

The next day, the stock rose to higher volumes, then consolidated. It is still consolidating, and I am watching it for a breakout in the $1.60 area.

Biotech Penny Stocks #8: Select Biotechnology Limited (NASDAQ: APOP)

APOP develops regenerative therapies using stem cells.

There is no recent news on less than average volume on the company and its business. But it is slow moving and holds up well. I am watching it for a multi-day breakout above $3.50. It has a float of less than four million shares, so it has the potential to run. Ideally, it would have a Catalyst and high volume.

Biotech Penny Stocks #9: Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:TNXP)

TNXP potentially develops vaccines to treat several diseases.

On May 26 it announced that the company would be featured in a poster presentation at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ASCP) annual meeting. The virtual meeting is being held from June 1-4.

The stock had a multi-day breakout above $1.25 yesterday. I’ll look for more volume to potentially come out of the conference and expand it further.

Biotech Penny Stocks #10: Jaguar Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAGX)

JAGX develops treatments for gastrointestinal disorders.

Yesterday its wholly owned subsidiary provided an update on its plans to market its proprietary drug in Europe.

Read the full press release here.

The stock had a multi-month breakout above $1.80 after the news. I’ll watch it potentially continue higher.

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I’ll say it again… the stocks on my watchlist are not automatic buys. Remember to do your due diligence and research. If you are doing business without business planYou are gambling. Don’t be a fallen gambler – business smart!

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Biotech penny stocks are stocks of small, developmental companies. These companies are usually desperate for cash. They need it to continue developing products and to test and test. Trade them with caution…

they are known to be extremely variable. They can have huge price swings. One minute they’re soaring high on positive news—the next they’re dealing with bad test results, side effects, or . reasons are below stock dilution.

If you are ready to take advantage of price volatility, these stocks can provide great trading opportunities…

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What do you think about viewing these biotech penny stocks? Let me know in the comments… I love to hear from you!


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