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Top TV Shows of the Week: Picnic with Rock and Chadwick Bosman on 21 Bridges


Famous New York gambler Sky Mistenson (Marlon Brondon) agreed to quell the feeling of winning the war, and Sarah Brown (Jean Simmon) decided to win the bet – just to get real brilliance for her. Meanwhile, the bettor Nathan Detroit (Frank Sinarara) has his own problems trying to find a place to float and direct his fiancé Adelaide (Vivin Blaine). Date of 14 years of participation. Guys and dolls is one of the greatest music ever, and despite this Film Changing certain points may discourage fans of the platform version, as it contains enough bright songs to please everyone. As you can see, Sinarara does a great job as Nathan, but the real surprise is that the sky is as colorful and colorful as the brand. Not surprisingly, Sarah found it difficult to resist.


Four Weddings and Funerals, Movie 4, 11.05pm

This may be a good time on the big screen until his star turns on Paddington II and is still very exciting about three decades after its first release. Is the day over? But who really cares. Grant plays Charles and Laura’s best friend Unmarried, and the film follows him and his many cookie (and most of Poe) couples through three other weddings and funerals. American actress Andy McDowell – then Red Hot on Gradhog Day and Robert Altman’s short piece – plays Karin and star-studded fans include Christine Scott Thomas, Simon Callo, John Hanna, the legendary Anna Chancellor and the late Charlotte Coleman.


12-year-old slave, movie 4, 9 p.m.

In 1841, Solomon Norpp (Chiwatell Ajoyofor) lived with his family in Washington City. Following a meeting with two prominent nobles, Solomon was sold into slavery. His first master, Ford (Benedict Camberch), was kind to one point, but his fate soon turned to the leading character of Sadist Edwin Eps (Michael Fasbender). This master portrays one of the slave girls, Patsei (Lupita Nyongo), as a reflection of his impotent wife, Sarah Pollson. Solomon is in the fire. A 12-year-old slave of the same name, a 12-year-old slave, was highly regarded by the Oscars, and so is he. The third aspect of Steve Macken’s Bravara is the emotional but unrecognized art that conveys the whole message of cruelty and perseverance in the heat of the sun.


Movie of the Week

Picnic, Thursday, movie 4, 11.25pm ​​on hanging rock

His influence to be seen in the work of film directors is clear and Fashion Designers – Selam Sophia Copola, Selam Raff Simon – Peter Ware’s strange and dream 1975 film is considered a true cult classic. Linn It tells the story of three Australian schoolgirls who went missing on an unusual rock formation in Victoria on 1900 Valentine’s Day, Australia, in 1967, from Joan Lynsey’s novel, and he enjoys ambiguity and misguidance. Applefield College’s first and foremost girls have been turned into a mystery that destroys lives and confusion and conspiracies equally.

Weather allows the lead to slide slowly. Teacher and assistant commander Miss Macraw (Vivan Gray) found the first text, which was missing something when it was just about noon. Coach Ben (Martin Vohan) has exactly the same problem with his reliable schedule. Following a controversy over Bruce Smeaton’s electronic output, he began to replace the classical soundtrack – Bach, Chaikovsky, Mozart – all present at the same time – and the four girls decided to go rock and roll. They are Miranda (Ann-Louis Lambert), Marion (Jane Valis), Edith (Christine Schuller) and Irma (Karen Robson). When they reach the upper room, they are surprised to see their classmates lying in the shade. They go up and all three disappear. The alarm went off when Edith was pouring out of the well – although Edith could not remember anything. Local hobbyist Sergeant Bumper (Win Roberts) coordinates the search, two other people who saw the girls – Michael Fisbert (Dominic Guard), a local Englishman and Fisbert Shakara and ready-made Australian bride Albert (John Jarrat) – and try it all together. .

Time cycle? Witch: Craft? Some kind of mass psychology? Weird, like Michael Fiszobert, leaves a trail of paper when he goes on a mission to find Miranda, although there is little response. Even though he remembers her, she is now overwhelmed with memories – a good description of the film’s impact on generations of viewers since then.


Zodiac, BBC Two, 11pm

In the hot summer of 1969, a series of killers, known as the Zodiac, rocked the San Francisco Bay Area. David Fincher’s in-depth thriller follows the efforts of four men – murder investigators Dave Toshi (Mark Rufaffalo) and Bill Armstrong (Anthony Edwards), attractive San Francisco Crowell crime reporter Paul Aver (Robert Downey Jr.) and the infamous infamous cartoon. ) – To bring an end to the Zodiac Terrorism. For decades, clues have followed the man’s zodiac sign. Director Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club) shows his again Visual Some brilliantly structured pieces. Gyllenhaal takes a huge toll, but he loses his mind in the pursuit of this headline. Rving

And release one…

21 Bridges, Amazon Prime

The game, starring the late Chadwick Bosman (pictured below) as the best actor in the post-mortem best for Mo Raini’s black lower post-apocalypse, was played by Director of Game of Thrones Brian Kirk on a single night and Manhattan was thrown into a lock – no, however. Because you can guess. Shot in 2018 and released a year later, this is a strict pre-epidemic, bad-guys-loose kind of lock. The title bridges are outside the island.

Chadwick Bosman in 21 bridges

Bosman is a New York investigator, Andre Davis, who is on trial for the first time to find out why he is shooting people. A police officer who was killed in a coercive operation is suspected of retaliating against anyone who thinks he is a happy killer. If we think he really is, then we will see the old man return home to take care of his sick mother. Draft, no? no.

The worst offenders are former sailors Ray Jackson (Taylor Kitchen) and Mike Truggiolo (Stephen James), who employ a muscle in a night deal and steal the good ones. There was only 10 times more cocaine than you expected, and when a group of police officers unexpectedly arrived, the mother of all shots was fired. Result? Eight dead officers, several wrecked cars, and even the Arnie Terminator, who spent cartons on the scales, have recently been called the most amazing hunter in New York history. Side-by-side: Drug police officer Frank Burns (Sinai Miller) has been given Andre and given five hours to hunt down the killers. That is why he is closing the bridges outside the island. All 21.

Written by the Marvel veterans of Rousseau and scripted by Matthew Michael Karnahan, and written by Todd Haynes for the Dark Ages, it is a great octopus. Bosman and Miller do a double whammy and have the support of Whiplash star Jackie Simmons as captain and captain. Moral ambiguity is also welcome: Trudylo is not a bad person we think he is, and not all of Davis’ fellow officers see him. Law Black and white words like that.

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