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Tories 15 points ahead, stronger less popular than Corbyn


Tories 15 points ahead, stronger less popular than Corbyn

A new YouGov poll It now puts the Conservatives 15 points ahead of Labor nationally, with the Conservatives 45% against 30% Labor. That is a 2% gain for Conservatives since local election week, and the worst Labor result since April 14. It is also only the second time that workers have fallen to 30% or less in the last year …

Even worse for Sir Keir is this own favorability it is still tucked in the gutter. YouGov polls show that not only are Starmer’s polls worse than Corbyn’s at the time of his leadership, with Sir Keir now at -48 compared to -40 at Corbyn in September 2016; new data released today shows that almost half of 2019 Labor voters believe Andy Burnham would do a better job as a Labor leader than Starmer. Of course, that doesn’t matter to Burnham, who will be too busy with his mayoral duties to worry about leadership rumors; it’s not like you just got a column with the Evening Standard or anything …

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