Torvalds expects future Linux 5.13 release candidates to ‘shrink’


    Linux Producer Linus Torvalds has expressed mild concern over the size of kernel 5.13 after its fifth release candidate.

    “Hmm,” Torvalds opened his latest kernel status Post. “Things haven’t really calmed down much yet, but the RC5 appears to be pretty average in size. I expect things to start shrinking now.”

    In April, Torvalds warning that 5.13 would probably be “making” for a minor release of 5.12 – a position they maintained after the release of the first release candidate.

    The second release candidate for 5.13 was “slightly smaller than average”. accordingly to Torvalds.

    The RC3 was surprisingly small but the Torvalds Suspected That not everyone sent their fixes and the next release will be bigger. Torvalds’ suspicion proved right And the RC4 “isn’t the greatest RC4 we’ve ever had, but it’s definitely up there, competing credibly for the title.”

    So far, Torvalds isn’t too concerned about the 5.13 release cycle and “nothing really looks so exciting” in RC5.

    The need for eight release candidates was eliminated in 5.12, a fifth that became necessary in 5.x. Torvalds said he likes it “when a release doesn’t require that extra week.”

    Only time will tell how many release candidate 5.13 will end up needing, but some of its titles include Apple’s M1 silicon, a wireless WAN subsystem, more RISC-V support, and the provision of Intel’s standalone GPUs.

    (Linux ‘Tux’ Image Credits: Larry Ewing and lame)

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