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Toyota adds data privacy portal to Toyota and Lexus apps


Toyota Motor North America said: Added a data privacy portal For your Toyota and Lexus apps.

The company says implementing the Toyota Data Privacy Portal is the latest step to make consumer data “more accessible and transparent” and comply with privacy protections. standard It and 19 other automakers submitted to the Federal Trade Commission in 2014.

The portal can be accessed for vehicles that were built in the 2013 model year or later with connected services capabilities, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. The portal can be found in the “Account Settings” section of the Toyota and Lexus apps.

Consumers who own multiple Toyota or Lexus vehicles can customize the privacy and data-sharing settings for each of their vehicles, according to the automaker. In addition, a consumer who shares information with a third party – such as an insurance company – will be able to see what specific data they are sharing within the app.

Jack Hicks, chief digital officer at Toyota Motor North America, said adding the portal is part of Toyota’s goal of adhering to automotive consumer privacy protection principles, which it partnered to establish in 2014.

“Part of that commitment is transparency around the collection and processing of connected vehicle data,” Hicks said in a news release. “We are proud to further increase our level of transparency with the release of the Data Privacy Portal, which gives consumers a clear understanding of when and how their data is used.”

The company says that came after conducting an “extensive, cross-industry survey” about the portal to collect information about what consumers should be looking for with regards to privacy.

The company said the survey results indicated a desire for more concise details about what kind of personal data it collects from consumers and their vehicles and how it is used.

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