May 9, 2021


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Trailer Clock: Lena Bloom falls in love and claims her place in Daniel Lesovitz’s “Port Authority”

“I only think about taking back all the space the world doesn’t give me and just to own it,” Lena Bloom said in Daniel Lesovitz’s “Port Authority” trailer. Bloom became Rangin’s first trans woman to star in an ear-selected film with a romantic drama.

Written and directed by Lesovitz, “Port Authority” sees Y (Bloom) fall in love with newcomer Paul (Fayne Whitehead) in New York City against the backdrop of the Cui Balram scene. , So Y’s friends are a bit skeptical. “Girls, if you have something, it’s okay, just do it Things With someone else, “A character warns him.” You know what could happen to a black trans teenager in New York City? “Asked another.” Of course there’s no need for horror on his record. “

“I wanted to write about a connection, both romantic and familial, that transcends biological and social direction and reflects my world experience more closely,” Lesovitz told us. “I also wanted to comment on the dominant American culture, it can be toxic even to those who benefit from their bias.”

Lesvitz-led efforts include shorts “Juan Duffy,” “Anatomy of Injury,” and “Neon Hartach.” He co-wrote the “Mobile Homes” feature with Vladimir de Fontaine, which premiered in Cannes 2017’s Fortnight of the Directors.

One of Bloom’s other credits is “Fluidity”. You will be able to catch her on Sunday, May 2nd, the third and final season of “Pose”. She is the first public color transfer woman to appear in Vogue India.

“Port Authority” hit theaters on May 26 and VOD on June 1.