TransLink unveils prototype for new SkyTrain cars

TransLink unveiled a mockup of the redesigned interior for the next generation of SkyTrain cars, the Bombardier Mark V.

Last year, Bombardier Transportation wrote on one $ 721 million deal with TransLink to provide 205 new railcars for the Vancouver SkyTrain network, with options to include up to an additional 400 railcars.

The model, which includes inclined cushions, bicycle storage tools and new accessibility features, is used to help TransLink make final design decisions.

Mark V will look like Mark III railway wagons, with some modifications. Passenger screens have been added to provide information, such as wayfinding details and transit warnings if routes have changed, according to TransLink’s spokesperson Tina Lovgreen.

Translink spokeswoman Tina Lovgreen demonstrates the new interior features of the Mark V, including passenger screens. (Ben Nelms / CBC)

New indicator lights, placed above doors, signal to passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing when doors are opened and closed.

The new cars will also have, above all, forward-facing seats and include more flexible space for people who use mobile devices, prams and bicycles.

Other design features being investigated are options for bicycle storage, including a sliding stand or bicycle straps attached to the wall.

The new railway carriages will have more flexible space with inclined cushions and tools for bicycle storage. (Ben Nelms / CBC)

According to Lovgreen, the first of these trains will arrive in 2023, with the brand new fleet coming in 2027.

She says the new trains will replace some of the aging Mark I trains and will support new projects, including the Broadway Subway Project.