May 9, 2021


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Travel ‘green details’ will soon be announced by the government

Those who are discouraged by the holidays will find out where to go without a Friday (May 7) without leaving the UK.

The ban on international travel is expected to be lifted after May 17, pending the first confirmation of where we will be allowed to go on vacation.

It is said that they are concerned about the timing of the opening of borders by smallpox epidemics and low immunization rates worldwide. Reported MirrorOnline.

But Britain’s jazz success has raised hopes that it could soon be opened with stronger rules.

Here is the division we knew before the official announcement.

Green list

The list of UK green, amber and red exports is expected to be published next Friday (May 7) and a press release may be issued at No. 10.

Details from various countries are not limited to hotel isolation or quarantine services.

The current system prohibits foreign travel unless it is necessary for travel to the UK. Therefore, countries are currently effective red or amber – no green list.

The new system will take effect on May 17, according to the current roadmap.

Green list travel rules

The traffic light system is based on hazards from each destination country.

Returnees from the Green List are not required to be neutral when returning home, although they should take a test before leaving and also have a gold standard PCR 2 or earlier in the day when they return home.

British returnees to Amber countries must stay home alone for up to 5 days, or reduce the separation time by paying for a 5 day PCR test.

Vacations should still be tested before going home and tested on days 2 and 8 if they have done a full 10 day quarantine.

Returnees from the Red List must book a 10-night stay at a government-sanctioned quarantine hotel starting at 7 1,750.

They should still be tested on days 2 and 8, but they will not be able to quarantine even if they have a negative test.

The government advises everyone to take tests before traveling to approved private providers – listed on

Countries on the green list

The green list, published this Friday, includes some of the safest countries since May 17.

A government source said the list was “safe to play.” It will be very difficult at first. ”

Estimation of countries in the green list depends on the status of the virus in these areas.

Reports indicate that places such as Portugal, Israel, Malta and Gibraltar may be on the green list on May 17.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports that Spain, Greece and France could all be added by the end of June.

A special Foreign Office advice published on Tuesday (May 4) gave a hint of travel direction.

Non-essential trips to Portugal (excluding Azores), the Spanish Canary Islands or the Greek islands of Rhodes, Cos, Zante, Corfu and Crete are not recommended.

Tourists visiting these popular tropics are not at risk Coronavirus According to the State Department, this is “unacceptable.”

June changes

Reviews of green, amber and red listings are roughly penned every three weeks, so more countries are likely to be added in early – and then in late June.

This is being described as a “big explosion” that could open up a vast expedition like summer ticks.

While there is a green ‘waiting list’ for countries at risk of diversion, there may be no countries on May 17.

Which list?

The authorities base their decision on the details of the infection, the percentage of people who have been vaccinated, and the various types of concerns.

The government says access to reliable scientific data will also play a role.

Transport Minister Grant Shaps and Health Minister Matt Hancock are set to sign the details on Thursday.

It is understood that the draft details have not yet been provided to the servers by the Joint Bio Safety Center.

My destination is on the green list – am I good to travel?

No, because travel plans are based on Kovid laws in the country you want to visit.

Some countries will set you apart when you arrive at your destination – making any kind of holiday very meaningless.

Fortunately for Britain, the EU plans to introduce both vaccines for at least 14 days.

It also suggested that the UK be included in the EU’s ‘Safe’ list, which allows EU residents to leave the EU without a vaccine.

Only those under 40 in the UK are expected to get their second vaccine by the end of the summer.

Countries and traffic lights system

Ministers are trying to put a blurred green country on the fourth list – the ‘green list’ – before they become Amber, they will be given time to change their plans.

If necessary, they will not hesitate to plunge a safe country directly into Amber or Red – sources say – There is no guarantee that the countries on the green list on May 17 will still be in the summer.

Are the islands different from the mainland?

Due to lack of reliable data, the islands are not expected to be separated from the UK by at least June.

That means the Greek islands would not have been able to join the Green List on May 17 if Greece were not on it.

Similarly, Spain, which is classified as Amber, will not be able to join the green list on May 17.

Although the islands often have very different rates of infection for the participating countries.