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Travel Guide to Panama – How, Where and Frequently Asked Questions


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to me, Panama Great choice for a vacation. Today, the spectacular views and spectacular outdoor activities combined with the low cost of living make this country one of the best places to travel in the world. To name a few, there are many unusual vacations in the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Aruba, and so on. You do not think of Panama as a tropical beach to visit. But, it is a very exciting and memorable place for a great vacation.

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They knew Panama was one of the best places to travel because the country had so much to offer in terms of culture, nature and people. It is warm and welcoming when locals visit old museums and historic buildings and cities. Nature lovers are also available for treatment as the country has a well-preserved tropical rainforest.

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Low cost of living, cheap health care and a comfortable lifestyle make Panama a great choice for tourists. Many Americans have made Panama their second home because it is a country where one can really live a good life and live a relaxed and simple lifestyle. If you are one of those people who are interested in visiting this country, let me show you the top 10 places to visit in Panama. I traveled here in January 2019 and found many amazing things about this country that I want to share with you.

Questions and answers about Panama

where is Panama?

Panama is located at the end of Central America, between Colombia and Costa Rica. The state is approximately the size of the state of South Carolina. It is the Panama Canal that connects the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

Is it safe to travel? Panama?

Overall, Panama is a safe place to visit. People are very friendly and cooperative and are always ready to help you, especially in rural areas. However, the crime rate was very high and now the government has taken steps to eradicate the crime from the country. Serious crimes in Panama are on the rise, but they are commonplace. There are also many cases of drug trafficking on boats traveling from northern Colombia to Panama to the Caribbean.

When you visit Dar es Salaam, you must register with SENAFRONT and go with a tour guide. You should stay away from the Colombian-Panama border because there are many Colombian rebel groups and drug traffickers operating in the area. Consult hotel staff in the area to avoid high-risk street crime.

This does not mean that something bad will happen to you. It’s an amazingly beautiful country with a good value to explore, you need to be smart on the street and be extra careful not to fall victim to crime.

How to convert money into Panama?

Balbowa is the official currency, named in 1513 by the husband of Spanish explorer Vasco Nuz, who discovered the Pacific Ocean. The country, however, does not issue its own paper money and does not use the US dollar as a legal tender. The value of the balbola is always linked to the US dollar – one dollar is equal to one balbola.

Is traveling in Panama too expensive?

Panama is not expensive by North American or European standards. Prices may be slightly higher than other parts of Central America, but they are usually cheaper than Costa Rica. Tourists from the United States do not need to exchange money – the dollar is a legal tender in the Panamanian currency. Exchange of other currencies is very difficult and you only do it at the airport of the money transfer centers. Remember, you will not find a currency exchange center outside the city.

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About something special Panama?

The beautiful Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean with a 51-mile (82 km) long canal that stretches across the Panama Strams. This is the only place in the world where the sun rises over the Pacific and sits on the Atlantic.

What is the culture Panama?

Although small, Panama is a multicultural country. Officially, the Catholic country, Panama, has a long history of ethnic and religious tolerance with large communities around the world, including Venezuela, India, Lebanon, Israel, Korea, Colombia, and China. About 75% of the population is Roman Catholic, while others are of various Christian identities. Panama is home to a large number of international rock artists, and the country is home to a thriving EDM (electronic dance music) scene. Indigenous arts are known, especially for carpentry, pottery, and pottery.

What is geography? Panama?

The main features of Panama are forested, volcanic, mountain ranges from the Costa Rica border to South America to Colombia. Other famous mountain ranges include Tabasara, Talamanca, and San Blas. Panama’s two beaches are called the Pacific and Caribbean (or Atlantic) rather than the southern and northern coasts. Panama has nine provinces. Another important factor is the country’s territorial integrity between North and South America.

How to travel Panama?

If you are planning to travel to Panama, here are some airlines that will take you to Panama.

  • London: Airlines as KLM. Airlines, Avianca, Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France offer flights from London to Panama.
  • America Airlines offer flights to Panama from various US cities, including Delta Airlines, Altilia, Copa Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airlines and State Airlines.
  • Dubai From Dubai to Panama, you can fly through France, China, KLM and Lufthansa.
  • Singapore: You can fly from Singapore to Panama by Air China, Air France, Avianca, British Airlines, Delta, Emirates, Klem, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines or United Airlines.

How to travel Panama – Transportation in Panama?

  • Public buses Panama City is the capital of the country’s network, with regular buses to Colon, Metro Darius, Almirante (for Boca del Toro) and all western cities and towns. From luxury to old school buses, you will see a variety of buses.
  • Trains The Panama City Metro, Fristasa, Trump and Panama Canal are operating in the country.
  • Taxis There is a well-organized taxi system in the country. Fees are moderate and taxis are available throughout the country.
  • Personal transfers Transport companies operate at the airport and in major regions of the country. You will find a variety of options in this regard.

What does the food look like? Panama?

It is very difficult to determine exactly what Panama food is because it is as diverse as Panamanian people. The main dishes are Sanchocho, Ropa Vijaya, Toston, Karimanola, Chicheme, Carne Guysada, Panamanian, Corn Tortila, Hojaldras, Yuka Frita and Sikadas, etc. If you are traveling in Panama, try these dishes.

What the weather is like Panama?

from From mid-May to November Southwest slopes are prone to heavy rainfall along the south-western slope. But it also rains in the north, so this is it Rainy season.

On the other hand from From December to April Commercial winds in the northeast bring a lot of rain to the north of the Caribbean, especially in the first (December to January), which means the sea is warmer, and in the south beyond the mountainous region, this is the backbone of the interior. Summer.

Essentials for travel packaging Panama

If you want to pack items for your next visit to Panama, consider the following items:

  • Light and airy clothes Bring light and airy clothes to withstand the heat and humidity.
  • Rain jacket It is always a good idea to be prepared for a trip to Panama and to bring a light rain jacket with you.
  • Comfortable shoes Pedestrians in Panama also do not bring comfortable shoes to keep them from bending their ankles.
  • Hats and shades Bring something to avoid direct UV radiation, as sunlight can be harsh.

10 Things To See And Do Inside Panama

1. Visit the colonial colony of Casco Viejo

Photo by Ron Reiring CC BY-SA 2.0

This place is famous for its Spanish architecture. It was built in 1673 and features many attractions. You can visit trendy hotels, bars and restaurants throughout the day.

Suggested visit Hop and Travel Up: Casco Viejo Tours

2. Panama Canal Miraflorus Tourist Center

It’s just a 20-minute drive from Panama City and you’ll find more fun here than you can imagine. The center features a museum with short films and interactive exhibits on the canal building. You can also see huge ships sailing through the locks.

Suggested visit Panama Canal Tour (Miraflores Tourist Center)

3. Visit the Portobel Fortress

Photo by Dan Londonberg CC BY-SA 2.0

Here you will find beaches, restaurants and plenty of vacation opportunities. However, Portobello It is one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites I have visited. You can see the rest of the past and how the gold trade was protected from the British invasion.

Suggested visit Portobelo – Canal Expansion – Railway (1855)

4. Walk the trail of Los et Thelas

Photo by Young Shanhan CC BY 2.0

It is one of the most amazing sites in Panama. It is a great trail for travelers with any skill set. However, you need to look for rain. There you will find wonderful restaurants to enjoy on holiday.

5. Boat to Embara Indian village

Tour groups travel by boat in the jungle to the edge of communities where they have the opportunity to enter their culture. These are friendly people and they will definitely love their company.

Suggested visit Day trip to the Indian village of Embara

6. Surf in Santa Catalina

Photo by Plane CC BY 2.0

This village on the Pacific coast is a tropical paradise. As the number has grown over the past few years, as well as the surfer camps chosen by many restaurants, you have a choice here.

7. Visit the Biodiversity Museum

This museum was opened in It was built in 2014 and was designed by renowned architect Frank Geh. Shows aquarium, rainforest, sound tour and nature center. Tourists who visit the museum will experience an abundance of exhibits, as well as many more years on the way to the museum.

Suggested visit Visit to Panama City Museums (and Biodiversity Museum)

8. Snorkel in Boca del Toro

The main island is unusual and beautiful, with many lodges and restaurants, many of which are waterfront. What a great foundation to start floating and beach tours.

Suggested visit Zapatila Island Tour – Explore the Bokas del Toro!

9. Dive or live in Koiba National Park

Photo by Laslo Elois CC BY 2.0

In addition to water sports, you can enjoy more than 800 marine species in this area. The smell and immersion here are amazing and amazing.

Suggested visit Snowling Tour Koiba Island

10. Bicycle through the Amador Way

The canal offers some great views of the Pacific Ocean and the Panama City skyline. The easiest way to enjoy the views is to rent a bike at one of the nearby bike rental shops.

Final Thoughts by Panama

Although small, it has much to offer tourists from all over the world. If you like nightlife Enjoy the beaches, Go shopping and get involved Other activities. The locals are friendly and you will never hear from abroad. You can spend more in real US dollars here. After visiting this wonderful land, I fell in love with Panama.

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