Travis Scott’s lawyer speaks out as the rapper faces 150 lawsuits

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A lawyer representing Travis Scott says the troubled rapper was unaware that people were dying as he performed at his Astroworld festival in Houston.

Nine people died and hundreds were injured during a stampede at the music festival on 5 November. But Scott showed up for another 40 minutes.

Attorney Edwin F. McPherson claims the rapper was unaware of the chaos and deaths until the next morning.

In an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday, McPherson called the chaos a “systemic breakdown” and said people should wait for the investigation before “we start pointing the finger at everyone.”

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McPherson claims that the rapper still informed his crew that officials had declared the concert a mass victim event.

“He’s up there trying to perform. He has no ability to know what’s going down,” McPherson said. “Travis didn’t really understand the whole effect of everything until the next morning. Really, he did not know what was going on.”

When asked about Scott’s History of inciting the audience to violence, McPherson said the rapper did what every other performer did.

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“Travis as an artist really grew up a lot. I talked to him about it personally and he really did not understand the magnitude of his power on stage as a young artist. He’s really mature over the years.”

Up to 150 Complaints were made against Scott, Live Nation Entertainment, and NRG Park where the concert was held.

The festival was insured for $ 26 million, but false death claims should be exceeded $ 100 million.

Scott has earned a total of about $ 65 million from the festival, according to The report.

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