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Triple-I Blog | After Ida: Be safe and report injuries quickly

“Stay informed, be safe and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.”

The Insurance Information Institute works with insurers in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida to monitor property damage and help consumers recover. In this video, Triple-I CEO Sean Kevelighan provides guidance to homeowners to help them ensure a smooth requirements experience and avoid being taken advantage of by unethical entrepreneurs and other fraudsters who tend to show up after disasters.

“Right now, the most important thing that those affected by Ida can do is to be safe and stay away from recovery workers,” says Kevelighan. “The storm may have passed, but remember that new dangers may lie in wait.”

In particular, he points to threats from broken electrical wires and washed-out roads and bridges. Kevelighan also emphasizes the importance of quickly reporting property damage to your insurer.

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