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‘Trolls and scammers: what level of corruption have we drowned in’


I’ve always admired Helen Mead’s writings because she puts it as she puts it: no punches stopped.

However, it is a brutally sad world that he reveals to us in his latest column (the scams are becoming increasingly difficult to identify, The Press, June 5).

She highlights the fact that we live in an environment of fraudsters who are trolling our cyberspace with a diabolical intention to destroy the peace and harmony in our lives.

A previous article dragged trolls who comment online but are too cowardly to reveal who they are, degrading and ridiculing article or letter writers who must give their names. I guess there is not an equal playing field.

To what extent has our society fallen? destroy or create; Becoming a devil or an angel – the choice is in our hands to create a better world for ourselves.

Phil Shepherdson, Woodthorpe, York

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