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Trombia tests fully autonomous electric street sweeper


Trombia Free is a fully autonomous road sweeper developed by Finnish road maintenance equipment manufacturer Trombia Technologies. electric vehicle Uses less than 15% of the electricity required for currently available heavy-suction sweeping techniques, cutting carbon emissions by more than 3 million metric tons annually. Despite its electric design, the Trombia Free doesn’t compromise on power or performance capabilities.

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“Current vehicle technology relies on suction performance that was invented in the 1950s,” said Antti Nikken, CEO of Trombia Technologies. “We cannot simply enter the green and sustainable era of 2020 with such outdated solutions. With the globally patented Trombia technology we have been able to dramatically reduce the power requirement, so turning it into a beautiful and powerful, electrified and autonomous device has been an exciting journey to date. Trombia Free will become the world’s first fully autonomous road cleaning device designed to operate in all weather Conditions.

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black and white street sweeper in parking lot
Electric street sweeper on the path in the park

The street sweeper is equipped with a safety margin zone in front of or adjacent to the unit depending on its direction. In such a situation, if any person, animal or object falls in front of him or runs away Vehicle, it will register them as constraints and close automatically.

Waterless Electric Street Sweeper On Road By Lake
white electric street sweeper on the street from the big building

As for the jobs, the company said there will be room for autonomous sweeper drivers to become operators, service managers and route or logistics planners. Trombia Free has a total annual operation of 500 hours of continuous high-power sweeping (85% more.) full of energy Compared to manual street sweeper), it also makes it 15 times more cost effective on average. Unlike traditional cleaners, Trombia Free does not use Water, instead a combination of cyclone filtration, aerodynamics and humidifier methods to control dust. Because it is lightweight and quiet, it can work at night and even indoors.

Black and white electric street sweeper driving on a narrow road

Trombia Technologies, which patented its first street sweeping technology in 2013, has products in use in at least seven countries throughout North America, Northern Europe and Central Europe. Trombia Free will start in 2021 through a one-year pilot program, and mass deliveries are scheduled to begin in early 2022.

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