Tropical development “Shaheen” and their effects on the Emirates

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The National Center of Meteorology reported that tropical storm “Shaheen” has weakened and turned into a southerly depression, accompanied by mean clouds over the eastern and Al-Ain regions, accompanied by light to medium rainfall in these areas, and wind activity in some eastern regions.

The center added – in a statement – that the sea is very turbulent and the wave height extends from 8-9 feet at the depth of the Omani Sea and reaches 5 feet on the east coast of the country and it will be turbulent in the Arabian Gulf and the wave height varies from 5-7 Weakness. Depression and its movement to the south of the country are expected in the empty quarter.

And about the impact of the weather depression on the country

The center indicated the continuation of mean clouds over the Al Ain region and the south of the country, accompanied by the fall of light to medium rain gradually easing in the evening, and winds are active, sometimes at speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour during the day, leading to dust and dust and low horizontal visibility.

He explained that the sea is turbulent at the depths of the Omani Sea and moderately on the coast, brightens at night and generally becomes medium to light and in the Arabian Gulf it is turbulent during the day and becomes moderately to light in the evening.


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