Tropicana produces a limited edition toothpaste that does not ruin the taste of orange juice

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Okay #Roomies, picture this: You wake up for work and continue with your normal morning routine. You shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and grab your breakfast sandwich and orange juice to go. You take a sip of that good Tropicana and it tastes … normal. Well, the popular orange juice brand says that their new line of toothpaste will make this a reality for you.

Experts at Tropicana recently announced that they have come up with a way to indulge OJ lovers after brushing their teeth without having a bitter aftertaste. Experts say that Tropicana’s new toothpaste, which will be released on November 1st, does not contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is responsible for the not so bad taste.

“We have worked closely with research and development partner Dynamic Blending Specialists to bring this toothpaste to life, from initial concept to product development, production and ultimately reality,” a Tropicana spokesman said.

SLS is a cleanser found in most toothpaste brands. The active ingredients in SLS combined with those in OJ just do not mix, which is what Tropicana worked to solve.

“Tropicana toothpaste is different from other toothpastes because it is specially designed to protect the delicious taste of orange juice. It does not contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) as an ingredient, a cleanser present in the toothpaste that contributes to the bitter aftertaste Add teeth with toothpaste and then drink OJ.

It is unclear where the toothpaste is available to buy from Tropicana, written “Consumers are encouraged to comment on Tropicana’s Instagram page and may just get a fresh surprise.”

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