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Trump shuts down blog ‘from desk’ after less than a month


Donald TrumpThe “communication forum” on his campaign website has been removed, along with a redesign that removes his “from Donald J. Trump’s desk” blog. who promised “A place to speak freely and safely” less than a month ago.

The blog “won’t come back”, according to consultant Jason Miller, who suggested there are plans to join another social media platform following the former president’s widespread ban before deleting the blog.

All previous entries are now under a “News” link, with the entries re-titled “Statement by Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America”.

donaldjtrump.com/desk . Links to Entries from display 404 error, And a link to the main “Desk” page shows an entry form to sign up for emails and text messages from Mr. Trump’s campaign.

an adviser to Mr. Trump Told Washington Post That the former president shut down the blog due to low readership and widespread mockery on social media.

Mr Trump’s website crashed on Saturday after a message about an ongoing election “audit” in Arizona contained false allegations of voter fraud, including “the seal on the box holding the vote was broken, ballots are missing.” , and worse”.

After his false “election evasion” narrative sparked a riot in the US Capitol on January 6, the launch of the blog saw the former president repeatedly raising baseless claims on social media platforms and violating the platforms’ rules regarding threats of violence. removed to.

His blog had less than 212,000 engagements in the first week, and traffic to his platform has dropped in recent days.

According to an analysis from Washington Posthandjob Mr Trump’s social media engagement has fallen to its lowest level since the start of his presidential campaign.

The website is part of Save America, a joint fundraising committee supported by the political action committee Make America Great Again.

In Post on your website on May 24 Which no longer appears on the revised page, Mr Trump said, adding that traffic “would be even higher if we were still on Twitter and Facebook, but since Big Tech has illegally banned me, millions of our supporters have turned to these.” Have stopped using the platforms because they have become ‘boring’ and substandard.”

“This is a temporary way to get my thoughts and ideas out to the public without the fake news spin, but the website is not a ‘platform’,” he said. “It’s just a way to communicate until I can decide what the future holds for a stage choice or establishment. It will happen soon. Stay tuned!”

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