Trump ‘Worst Known Threat To Our Democracy’

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on this week’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that former President Donald Trump is “the greatest threat to our democracy in history”.

After reading Trump’s statement, Waters said, “The ex-president is the greatest threat to our democracy I have ever known, and perhaps everyone knows. Although we are on the other side of issues and aisles, Democrats and Republicans. We have never seen anything like it.”

He continued, “This man has no respect for this democracy and supports those who basically occupy our Capitol. He supports those who threaten his own vice president, Mr. Pence, and continues to walk that dividing line. It destroyed patriotism. Those around him who are afraid of him should be ashamed of themselves when trying to break the law and not comply, and somehow they called it the presidency, let them continue their big lie about this campaign. was taken away from him.”

“We are currently watching the biggest threat to our democracy in the way this president is handling himself and his inner circle as he tries to break the law. We will not give up. We are going after him. The American people deserve to have better than this past president.”

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