TV Reporter Goes Viral For ‘Most Impressive Live Shot’ On Skateboarding

TV reporters everywhere, take note. The bar has just been raised.

Victor Williams of Detroit’s WDIV-Local 4 went to the city’s new skate park this week and did two things at the same time that he was very good at: reporting the news and skateboarding.

When a story about the skate park came out, Williams was the obvious choice to cover it up. to the station. Nearly completed, Chandler pulled off his own tricks in a suit and tie, while calmly handing in his report on the free skate lessons at Skatepark.

Williams’ clip has been viewed more than 2.1 million times as of Thursday evening.

Local and national reporters applauded Williams for the killer shot. “There will never be another live shot that can match this amazing one,” said CNN reporter Josh Campbell.

Actor and TVG presenter Ken Rudolph said it was “the most impressive live shot I’ve ever seen”.

And Chris Hayes of MSNBC pointed out that this is high risk, high reward.

Read about some of the reactions below:

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