TV Review: Scottish Team – What did you hear about Scottish politicians laughing?



Previously, there should have been a warning: “The warning program contains scenes that make Scottish politicians laugh, and some spectators may be disturbed.”

Yes, that is the time again in the BBC election cycle Scotland Sends humor to work as a journalist. First there was Gary: the tank commander, then the chief commissioner Cameron Mikelsen (Jack Docherti) came together to make the translation his own.

Politicians lined up to laugh and laugh – not something that can happen in England. The party leaders agreed to participate in honor of Scotland and the politician. You may be afraid of being prosecuted by that great Scottish court Crime That there is no sense of humor. (It stands out in the absence of a leader. Who can you guess?)

From his visit to Scotland, the chief interviewed everyone from former rapper to Brian Taylor, former BBC Scotland political editor. Taylor, now a member of the Herald family, wore long hair like Blair. Hippie, have it cut.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But the program can be deceptive for up to an hour.

It was the party leaders who came here to see. Who can be a laughing stock, and who can wipe the smile off the face of a laughing policeman?

In this game, Nicola Sturgeon’s old hand (like Libby’s Willie Rennie) quickly communicated with his boss.

“We are a great survivor, you and I,” he said Law Man

The SNP leader replied, “Yes.” It was not given that you still live here. There were points. ”

“I could say the same thing about you,” he said.

It took a while for Douglas Ross censorship to show what kind of wild and crazy person he was, even looking at the times. Although the leader of the Scottish conservatives was overwhelmed by the line duty reference.

Scotland’s Green Lorraine Slater was a mix of hard work and laughter, and Willie Renney had a good chance of coming to Stroud with the “trawl” invasion of Lidde’s supporters. George Gallolay showed that there was no such thing as a “big brother” when he was arrested by Fasilne, all for unity, his boss, and then one major.

Anas Sarwar (also for the equals) came out well. At one point, Thad Ben turned Elton into a “little politician.” “It is not uncommon to interview someone with brown skin, and they are not suspicious,” he teased.

There were no big laughs, only a series of smile-worthy moments, and heavy headlines and humor were sometimes unusual tones. But they were all very natural, no one was dead on their backs, and in their own way the clock revealed more than any other scary argument. Everyone praises his master.


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