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It seems that indoor cycling is a leg or cardio workout that is loved by all women in Tinsel Town, as the Bollywood divas keep giving us a glimpse of the same, and the latest to be on the bandwagon is actress-writer Twinkle Khanna. We’re ready for this cardio workout if it’s as fun and entertaining as Twinkles, as her latest fitness video is all we need to get pumped up for our next indoor cycling session and to tick off today’s dose of humor.

Twinkle left fitness freaks in a split, grabbing her social media handle to share a video directly from her home gym, where she could be seen wearing a light blue sweatshirt, along with a pair of pink and gray tights with print and hair pulled back in the middle -shared loose ponytail to highlight the sporty look.

Sitting on the stationary bike, Twinkle was seen crooning to Hollywood singer Adeles’Look at me‘sang in the most amusing way, and we could not help but double with laughter. She shared in the caption: “This was one of the most popular requests. As I said when you hear @adele perform, ‘Easy on Me’, the phantom hairs on your arms stand as if the follicles have forgotten that they are all been lasered by (sic).

Twinkle made full use of his wit and added: “My voice has a similar effect, but for different reasons. I’m lucky that this bike otherwise has no wheels, it’s not just eardrums that would get a puncture! How many of you love to sing even though you know you’re awful? Throw your requests in the comments to the next #TuneIntoTwinkle that does not go under the acronym #Tit.If Adele sees this, she can just go from rolling deep to out at the deep end! #ToneDeafMembersUnite #EasyOnMe (sic). “



From increased cardiovascular fitness to muscle strength and flexibility, cycling is a cardio workout that reaps countless benefits. If you want to reduce stress levels or improve your posture and coordination while working from home during this Covid-19 pandemic, cycling is the best workout you should choose.

Its other health benefits include prevention or management of diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis. It improves joint mobility, reduces body fat levels and also strengthens bones.

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