Two men in court are accused of having murdered the Dutch crime reporter Peter R De Vries

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Two men have been brought to justice in the Netherlands accused of the murder of the Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries.

A 21-year-old Dutch citizen is suspected of having shot the journalist deadly, while a 35-year-old Polish citizen is accused of having been the fugitive.

Both men were arrested shortly after de Vries was shot dead in broad daylight on a central street in Amsterdam on July 6.

They were both present for Monday’s hearing at Amsterdam District Court for a summary of the investigation.

The 35-year-old Polish man pleaded not guilty, while the suspected shooter asserted his right to silence.

De Vries was shot after making one of his usual appearances in a Dutch television program. He died of his injuries nine days later.

His death sent shock waves across the Netherlands and an outbreak of grief and condemnation.

The caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the shooting “an attack on a brave journalist and also an attack on free journalism that is so important to our democracy, our constitutional state, our society”.

De Vries was the Netherlands’ most famous crime journalist and had recently been an adviser and confidant for a witness in a major trial against organized crime.


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